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Star dedicated to questions and answers we can learn from.You can get involved if you want to.

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Questions can be in all areas. The question can be as unusual, interesting or irracional, it can be miraculus, unbeliveable, UNIVERSAL!!!! Every question must have an answer, true or not, accurate or not, scientificly proven or not, it doesn`t matter because it is essencial that there is an answer. The most interesting questions will be rewarded!

Author of this website is giving you an example:

QUESTION: What is love?

Answer ( longer version): Click here and find the answer.
Answer ( short version): Love is to love universally, that means everything: nature, animals, parents, family, significant other, business partner or in general all of man kind. Love is also to help, forgive, adapt and understanding honesty cooperating. Also love is to shine goodness and to infect all of the people with it, love is also an chemical reaction in our bodies.

QUESTION: How many teeth does a mosquito have?

Answer: 47

QUESTION: What is the secret of life?

Answer: Every one of us in our biological life has one task or a mission ( recognize your self as soon as possible and you will see that you will go trough life much easier. Galaxy Stars will help you with that)

QUESTION: What is the Galaxy Stars Project?


Answer(short): Evolutionary socialy developing projects
Answer(long): Click here for the answer.

Question: What is HELP?

Answer: Help is love, cooperation and honesty

Questio: What is fun?

Answer: Fun is music, playing and sex (give you health)

Question: What comes before founfation? A plan! What comes before plan? Idea! What comes before idea? Logic

Question: Can Obama change the world to be a better place?

Answer: There are more possibilties and opinions here. My answer is, no he can not, as long as people dont change. And he is also adressing the wrong auditorum

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