Email record
Email record

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E-mail record




(An experience of a higher dimension and time travel of our destiny)


A mature man fell in love with a beautiful young girl. During the beginning of their relationship, he sent her an SMS record showing her that they are very much alike. On the basis of the X SMS she sent back to him, he decided to break the email record and to teach this young girl how to be happier and more experienced in her love life.
This email is dedicated to the victims of the Virginia massacre as well as to the grieving relatives and friends. The victims cannot be brought back by grieving and crying but maybe this email will prevent something similar from happening in the future.

I don't know if your professor already left but I'll answer you your question:

this is what the Chinese horoscope says about you: SNAKE: the snake is the universal symbol of evil, but not in the Chinese horoscope. People born under the sign of the Snake are intelligent, talented, decisive, and excellent organizers. They are also philosophers and good thinkers. Their insight and resourcefulness make them excellent businessmen. They enjoy the benefits of life and love to make money. But they are also romantic and real charmers. THE BAD SIDE; Snakes are secretive and keep their thoughts to themselves. They have a great memory and can remember bad things done to them for a long time without ever showing it, until it's time for revenge. They know how to lie even though they don't do it often. They need security. The high moral standards they have basically apply to other people. They are persistent, they hate listening to others, and don't tolerate failure. WORK; Snakes are excellent politicians, entertainers and they like to work in sales and public relations. LOVE; Deep down, Snakes are very seductive and when they find the person they want, they won't let them go very easily. They will do all they can to get and keep them. People born in the year of the Snake have a good sense of humor, they're romantic and they jealously take care of those they love. Along with this, Snakes do not like to feel trapped. Sometimes they have one set of rules for themselves and another for their partners. They try to keep their freedom, but they also keep a good eye on their partner so he doesn't get away. Maybe they should be taught how to adapt to others and to finally realize that other people also need their freedom sometimes. IDEAL PARTNER –Ox. Famous people born under the sign of the Snake: Kim Basinger, Mohammad Ali, Tony Blair, Pierce Brosnan, Bob Dylan, Greta Garbo, Pablo Picasso, Oprah Winfrey, Dionne Warwick… For me it says this: OX; GOOD SIDES; They value hard work and a stable family life. They enjoy material things and are ready to work hard to be able to afford the life they want. These people are mostly peaceful, mild, and rarely lose their nerves. In the rare cases where they do lose their nerves, keep away from them. Their fury can be frightening, and their revenge very dangerous. They are reliable, serious, honest and patient people. They are lively, well built, modest. The few friends they have are true and reliable. Oxen love to eat, drink, and stay in their luxuriant home. They know how to listen, they are systematic, and are also very principle, strong, decisive, and stable. They think twice before saying anything, they are loyal and rarely jealous. They are not romantic, but are passionate. They are family oriented. BAD SIDES; Oxen are stubborn and it is difficult to persuade them to change their opinion. Because of this, they can seem relentless and strict. They can easily be seduced by conventionality. They are not that open handed when it comes to money, nor naive in love so people close to them sometimes don't understand them. But still, Oxen are patient, attentive and have good friends. If they get angry at someone, it can last for a long time. WORK; people born in the year of the Ox are good doctors, lawyers, teachers, and writers. LOVE: Oxen are open and honest, they know how to love passionately, and they support their partner in whatever he wants to do. On the other hand, thy can easily be hurt while looking for their perfect partner. The ideal partner has to be gentle but also has to know how to be provocative. They can become easily offended and they don't understand jokes on their account. This flaw can easily be eliminated with the right and dependable partner. Oxen don't easily forgive unfaithfulness. The ideal partners for men born in the year of the Ox are younger and born under the sign of the Snake.

Famous people born in the year of the Ox: Vola: Warren Beatty, John Bon Jovi, Jeff Bridges,

Natalie Cole, Walt Disney, Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg, Dustin Hoffman, Paul Newman, Meryl Streep...

Maybe these short descriptions will show you how right we are for each other.

If you are interested in what was written when we first met, se this: Aquarius: everything that happens to you is turbulent and passionate, Venus is in the sign that emphasizes your passionate nature so the romantic relationships that you will start now will be rich with eroticism. Some will suggest living together or marriage to their partners.

And this: Aquarius: you might get involved in a relationship that will fulfill all of your expectations.

By running after work and commitments, you will realize how important partnership is and your days will be filled with long conversations and your evenings with passionate kisses.

You will like the person that is doing a favor for you or you will meet that person through company, through your acquaintances. If you want to exchange telephone numbers or invite her to go out, do it without hesitation.

Planetary influence will improve your contacts with the opposite sex. An evening out that you won't be expecting much out of could change your love life status. Unfinished or undefined situations will get their final form. Expect an answer from the other person, you won't make a mistake if you take things into your own hands. Your initiative will bring you good results, and you will find yourself in a vortex of passion.

Here is another short thing and even shorter about me: LOVE-you will find yourself in a situation where you can choose between more than one person. Don't let your decision be guided only by the outer beauty. It's not that I think – I know that I have made the right decision which you can see from my short description of the sign of the Pisces. If you are interested, keep on reading.

In its own original way, it combines all of the experience of the prior 11 signs. Man has made great progress by realizing that his own well being depends primarily on the well being of those close to him. Pisces are the type that readily sacrifice themselves for others, often placing other people's interests before their own. Pisces understand the differences of every man and can put themselves in anyone's shoes. Pisces belong to the Water Triangle and have shifting qualities. Pisces are a double sided sign, ungraspable and versatile, and their nature can be completely foreign to other people. On one side, they live in the real world, in the boundaries of their physical body, aware of even their own vulnerabilities. But they also sense, even if they are not completely sure, that there is something greater outside of that reality. There is a world that has no boundaries, a world of spirituality. The era of the Pisces reign comes when winter is coming to an end. This is the time when snow is melting and soaking the earth, making it fertile and preparing it for new life.

The temperature is growing, and the air is signalizing that warmer days are coming.

After the period of the Aquarius and the time of the carnival, this is Lent – the time of recanting, sacrificing, cleansing, prayer, spiritual revival, and turning towards God; a time for preparations and a new beginning. It is difficult to talk about typical representatives of the sign because Pisces are by nature a versatile type – from the small and harmless all the way to sharks. They are imaginative and sensitive, ungraspable and adaptable. They have the ability to deeply understand the complexity of every human being as well as identifying with various human experiences. Water, the element where Pisces belongs, takes on different forms but it is still the universal solvent that can with time, erode even the toughest material. Pisces are very sensitive and therefore they always react emotionally even though it is not obvious right away. Just like all water signs, the most intensive life is under water, or the inner part of the being. They are subject to external influences-they can dive and melt with their surroundings. Sometimes to such a scale that they lose the feeling for they own identity. Their personality is very complex, so it is not easy for them to clearly define what they want do and do not want. Their emotions are on the same scale. Sometimes they can't deal with their own emotions. Their feelings and sensations change from moment to moment and they often have various moods. They react to whatever is happening around them, whether it has anything to do with them or not. Confidence is not their stronger side. Their vulnerability and sensitivity awakens mutual instincts in others. They can seem helpless, unprepared to cope with cruel everyday life and you just wont be able to stop yourself from jumping in and helping. They are adaptable, but if they overact with it, they can become lazy and passive, completely dependent of external circumstances. They can find numerous justifications for this position. First of all they need enough time, and sometimes bad experiences that will help them determine in which direction they want to go with their life. When they get a clear vision of what their goal is, they will swim in that direction, skillfully avoid all traps, and finally get to their destination. This is a sign that has emphasized idealism and they dream of a world where everything could be harmonious. Of course, reality often disappoints them because it so much unlike the perfect world they imagine. Identification with others, especially if it is positive, can bring out the best in them, all with the desire that they reach their ideals.

Occasionally, the cruel reality of it all can simply be too much for them and they fall into a depressive state. Time heals all wounds, and time can refill their batteries and soon you will have the same person that you've grown accustomed to in front of you again. Because of this, the biggest life challenge for every Pisces is to learn to reach this sensitive balance between the inner spiritual world and the outer reality. Those that belong to this sign that succeed in reaching this balance can consider themselves lucky and can contribute to their community with their actions and personality. Pisces are very intuitive, even though can don't know how to clearly form what they feel. This all makes them apt to mysticism, philosophy, and religion. These disciplines can offer them explanations to what is happening in their lives and motivate them to be optimistic. They are idealists, ready to sacrifice themselves for what they believe. Since reality can seem too pale for them, they can create their own little world of imagination, and then come back to reality from time to time. They enjoy music, they love watching movies and reading. They can dive into their magical world of imagination and get lost in it with these activities thus making their own world of dreams. They can be creative themselves in these areas. During their education, they mostly enjoy subjects where they can freely let their imagination flow. They are ready to patiently wait for the right time to take action. Along with this, they know of many ways to get what they want. Lets not forget, they are exceptionally sensitive and emotional, which helps them better evaluate people and situations.

This developed intuition and instinct will show them the best way out of a problem. It is really important that they believe in themselves as much as possible during these moments.

You will rarely get a concrete answer to a question asked. They will start talking and wander off to a completely different subject, leaving you confused. You might even forget what you wanted to ask. Pisces don't like to talk too much about themselves or reveal their secrets, and that is why their aim to express themselves is undefined. If you try to corner them, they will skillfully get away from you. They can also be accused of making stories up and lying. Pisces are aware that people aren't really apt to hearing the truth and that it will often hurt them. That is why they will try to make facts look better, especially if they aren't good. Besides this, we can't forget about their constant imagination, intensive inner life, which sometimes makes it difficult to separate their impressions from real events. Their element of water and versatile quality can increase their sensitivity to the maximum. Nobody can get into other people's suffering, other people's feelings, situations, and identify with another being such as Pisces. However, on the outside they can seem indifferent and sometimes it seems as though they aren't even reacting to what is happening around them. Sometimes this is a mask they use to try to protect themselves from the outside world, but we shouldn't forget that they belong to the water element – therefore that greatest activities are carried out under the surface, therefore deep inside. This sign is directed to other people and has the need to help and participate in what is happening around them. Friends are a significant part in their life and Pisces are ready to do a lot of things for them. However, in this case they should be careful. Because of their openness towards everything that approaches them in life, they can surround themselves with people that have a bad effect on them and that take advantage of them. They notice this only when things go too far. Pisces believe in people, they believe in what is told to them, even when they do things that are the opposite of what was told to them. Actually they are naive, just like children. Even numerous bad experiences don't help them come to their senses. Pisces understand and forgive, they have understanding for all human imperfections, and are apt to see only the best in others. If you want someone's understanding, a shoulder to cry on or someone that will just listen to your problems, without the need to criticize or moralize, then it is definitely someone in the Pisces sign. People simply have faith in them and even complete strangers will let them in on their secrets. Neptune's influence gives them a changing personality, versatile and ungraspable, depending on the situation and surroundings in which they are in. Actually, people see what they want to see in Pisces. In moments of inspiration they will give the best they can – they will be hardworking, sacrificial, efficient. You can, on the other hand, spend days trying to get them to do what they promised you. Of course, they will always say that they will get right to work. And when you will give up on them and forget about it all, they will surprise you by doing much more than you expected. They know how to get under you skin with their subtleness and tenderness. They will do this to such an extent that you will wonder how you were able to live without them before. They will do favors for you, and know exactly what you need in a specific moment, they will take care of you and pamper you. However, you might be disappointed when you realize that they act like that with others too.

And you thought you were something special in their life.

Pisces believe that love is to be shared and that is the way it grows.

Besides that, they also need love in unlimited amounts – so, the more they give, the greater the chance that they receive more too. They look at the world that surrounds them in a special way. They notice things in it that others don't, without missing what others can clearly see. They see hidden talent and potential in every person. They see all of the things that someone can make out of themselves and they do their best to try to help them actually do it. In this way they can spend a lot of time putting their energy in someone that will never progress or realize their potential. They do all of this out of the desire to do a good deed and to make somebody happy. Another problem with this sign is the question of boundaries. It is not easy for them to define a clear boundary between themselves and other people, themselves and the outer world. Their idea of joining everything that exists does not allow this. In this way they can let others have too much influence in their life, but also expect from those that surround them to unlimitedly satisfy all of their demands. Sometimes not even bad experiences help here – Pisces simply believe in a happy end and that all people have good intentions. That is why it is good for them to learn to be at least a little careful. They have a natural sense for beauty and art. This is visible in every segment of their life – their sense of fashion, interior decoration. This is why they get along with professions in where they can use their rich imagination. This includes all medias, especially photography and movies. They can be musically talented – music inspires and moves them – so they can be very successful in the song and dance business. The secret of their success business-wise is in their skillful swimming, or maneuvering in all sorts of conditions and in their ability to evaluate and adapt. They know that it is easier to swimming along the current than to fight it. They have a good nose for actual trends, and also for people that can help them in their business. On the other hand, compassion and sensitivity can professionally lead to other careers where they can care for others – such as medicine and service industries.

Since they understand others and are spiritually oriented, we can find them as priests as well. Pisces are ready to work hard and sacrifice themselves. In the work they do, other people's support is very important to them. Their creative ideas can then be emphasized. Even in work a moment of inspiration is the most important for them. As bosses, they will have a lot of understanding for those that work for them, and sometimes be even too tolerant and soft. Results are important to them and not when the job has been done. They don't impose themselves as authoritative and they depend on compliments and support in order to motivate their workers.

They are not ready to excel themselves in business. They will be much happier in some background position from where they can watch what is going on around them and do their job. They will rather credit circumstances, luck, and the help of their colleagues for what they achieved. They won't bother themselves too much with the material side of life, but they can prove to be unbelievably talented when it comes to working with money. They are capable of earning more money than average, but they can just as quickly spend that money. Sometimes they just can't remember where their money went. They are people that others turn to when in trouble. Without thinking too much or moralizing, they will offer their help and their money even when they are not sure they will ever get it back. They fall in love very easily, and honestly, Pisces simply live for love. That part of their life presents the center of their world and if things are not as expected there, other parts of their life will not function as well. They are very tolerant with their partner, forgiving things that most other people would have a hard time doing. They are very patient so their partners behavior must really go to the limits for them to start thinking of breaking up. In a relationship they are ready for unselfish giving and sacrificing. If necessary, they will subject themselves completely to their partner, neglecting their own dreams and ambitions, and being the support needed for the partner to achieve what he wants. When they get married they will attempt to keep the relationship romantic. They will try, just like when they met, to please him, make him happy, and they will expect the same from him. Pisces are very caring parents, trying to give their children all of their love and attention.

Their home is their castle which the Pisces will decorate in their specific style while showing their creativity. This sign is very sensitive when it comes to health as well, so Pisces need to take good care of their physical and psychic needs. They are equally interested for the welfare of others. Aquarius and Pisces can find mutual interests here.

I DON'T KNOW IF YOU KNOW YOUR HOROSCOPE FOR AQUARIUS OR NOT, BUT TAKE A LOOK AT HOW HOROSCOPES ARE ALIKE. From my experience, it is more important that people are more alike than different for them to be happy together. The Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign of the Zodiac so it reigns in the eleventh house which represents friends and the relationship towards them, fidelity, connections, relationships, plans, sympathy of the surroundings… Females are usually emancipated and free, but reliable and fair as friends and co-workers. Often they are noticed because of their peculiar character and intellect, progressive ideas, charm, and openness. They are perfect for socializing and careers, and not for housewives. This doesn't mean that they can't be devoted wives and understanding mothers. When they are doing what they love, they do it with a lot of enthusiasm, they love contact with simple and interesting people, entertainment and parties. People under the Aquarius sign are good discoverers, astrologers, prophets, writers, doctors, actors, politicians, aviators, rocket experts, but also excellent wine tasters and superb perfume evaluators. People under the Aquarius sign are often geniuses that work hard and advance teachings and techniques. They are talented musicians, they easily learn foreign languages, love philosophy, have a rich spiritual life, love animals, techniques, and technology.

I LIKE WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT YOU A LOT. If you have read this up to here, I can see that you want to know me better and you want us to work on our happiness. TODAY MANY COUPLES HAVE A LOT OF PROBLEMS. The biggest problem is that they don't know how to solve them, and this is simple. Today's life style is very fast not only for couples, but families also don't have time for each other. This solved problem would solve many others. Consider how little time is necessary to hold your loved one and tell him a few kind words. The next problem is what to say. For example, it is enough to say I LOVE YOU or better yet, I HAVE BEEN THINKING ALL DAY ABOUT YOU AND US or even better BY FEELING YOUR WARMTH AND BODILY AND LOVING ENERGY, I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS HUG AS LONG AS I LIVE. There are another million I could tell you if you would want to hear them. I would just start a competition through Galaxy Stars for the MOST EMOTIONAL TEXT because if people would start thinking only about that, the following problems would be solved. I forgot to mention a little problem, any macho man would be able to say this if he would have the will for it and if it would come from the heart with feelings. Men don't know this, they would be surprised how much they would get in return. But when they try it, they will be convinced. But I am writing this for more reasons. With this sms, I want to, with a new, modern love letter tell you how much I care about you by giving you this sms record as a present and a sign of my interest in you. I wonder why other boys didn't come to this idea or something like it to surprise a loved one. Maybe they will, it's never too late. My horoscope says that I could be a teacher, psychologist, or writer, but a normal person does not have to be any of these to see how humanity can change in the future just because of only a few kind words. Just like Armstrong said: Like a small step for man but a great leap for mankind. There are magical words such as PLEASE or THANK YOUR that we teach children. People don't know that this positive thinking can make them happy. I am going too far but I haven't even started yet. But there is one more thing that I want this sms I am sending to you to achieve – solve somebody's problems and make them happier. Your birthday present will be something I will never forget. I will do anything to make our future as beautiful as possible. What others will do – I don't know. I hope they try and convince themselves. I WANT YOU…KISS.


Based on my love SMS record sent to you I received a return X SMS, from which this love story has originated.

March 21 st , 2007 at 10:08 pm I received a response from you in which you wrote: ---look.... the issue is that at this moment I'm not ready to get to know you better, and on the other hand maybe I don't want to... you said you want me to be honest? Well... I'm young and some things that suit you simply don't suit me...and I never had the chance to tell you that I have someone who I thought I could blow off, but I realized that this person means a lot to me and I still want to be with that person... and after all, you say that you love me? I don't believe that, because you can't know that you love someone after just one week... so, this is my position on all this...

The book says that I could be a writer, but up until now I haven't gotten into it because there are many writers better than me who can also express themselves more eloquently. More important to me than words is that you learn and understand the essence of all this.

So, what I knew would happen did happen. You misread my SMS. I wanted to improve your young, inexperienced life and your knowledge step by step, for your own good. I wanted to be yours only, to give you myself as a gift, and you would see in time that this would be the most beautiful gift you've ever received, that you would never in your life receive such a gift from anyone.


As it is written that I can be a teacher, professor, lawyer, psychologist, scientist, inventor, even a priest, etc., so I have been all that up until now and I still am, except a priest. For the rest of my life I'll be all of these which are written for me as a Pisces, but it is important that I, along with a Taurus, wished to solve problems in love for all couples. I didn't mean now, but someday, however you were, not to mention whom you had settled on, with miraculous events recognized by me you would've been a world-class example to other girls. Throughout most of my life I was in shorter or longer relationships with girls, women, married women, ladies, Graces and others (in various countries, of different ages, but all of legal age). School girls, psychologists, singers, hookers or politicians, all together till now around two thousand females, with whom I've gotten into deeply. Inquiring about their problems they've had in their relationships, they told me everything, and I listened to them carefully.

The older the person was, the more experience they had, the more problems and the more pain. Ever since I can remember, you've always been the most important part of my life because I live for love (and so it's written about me). If you women could read my thoughts or somehow get inside me, you would see and realize that I know all about you. Much of which you don't know yourselves, because I have fully analyzed you and your assignment in life in a positive and negative sense.

I could write the longest book about you. A book without end, because that's what you are – unexplored and endless. It was the greatest “pleasure” of my life, to adventurously explore and experience your “EVE”, much like a journey through the universe where each part of a system is one woman, and I have landed on them like on planets with a giga rocket.

So far, in this long life of mine, you women have awakened curiosity in me. Normally, I'm not curious at all, and yet you've captivated my greatest interest in you. I've explored your wishes, your likes and dislikes, what you dream about, what kind of secrets you have. What are your boundaries when investing in emotions? What makes you happy, and what makes you sad? What are your phobias or fears? What do you want to excel at? And a million other questions which along with the answers would make a fat book with the title, “A Million Questions for Eve.” All the Eves recounted were in the range from girls to the oldest grandmothers. From this book all the Adams could learn many things, not to mention if its title was “A Million Questions for Eve, A Million Answers for Adam.” This book would be a world-wide bestseller. And now I could write a million reasons why. I would love to meet a woman, if she exists, no matter where in the world, who would through the Galaxy Stars Forum write how she wants more than anything to write a book – not one of you has expressed this wish; “A Million Questions for Adam, A Million Answers for Eve.”

I would take this woman by the hand and tell her – all my life I've given women the stars, but that's nothing, I'm taking you forever to space, and I'll satisfy you for all eternity. Why so? Because you remember, when your best friend asked in your presence – what were my intentions with you, I told her that I'd make you the happiest and that I could write a book about how that answer would be nothing compared to the other million answers I could have given. She was beside herself with the emotions she had at that moment. She'll never forget that, and neither will I. When I had said this you also noticed her reaction, because you've known each other for 6 years. When I told her that I hoped you would appreciate this, she said “she will” with such conviction that she would have bet her life on it.

I judged your friend to be, not just mega but giga and I said so to you, so that you'd be happy and proud to have such a friend. Because of my life experience I knew you better after 3 weeks than she did after 6 years.

That can't be, you think now. IT CAN! And I'll let you know the secret why. It couldn't be more logical – eggs cannot be smarter than chickens, and therefore I've also studied you more. I teach girls so that they can teach young men and thereby become more mature. Then they would teach young girls, and so on. Let's say that, after my previous analysis of you, and applying all of this knowledge, I wanted to know after our first kiss if you regarded the beginning of our relationship as serious as I did. I wouldn't want to say that you failed that “test” or lost in life's game of love. Simply, the fire that you ignited in me, because I fell in love with your indescribably cosmic eyes, became a “Super Nova”. I once told you that a man whom you give your love to can consider himself to be the luckiest man in the world. A Super Nova occurred, only you didn't recognize it, and you heard my answer to your friend's question – what my feelings are toward you. What I said again wasn't what I wanted to say. I spoke what most men would have spoken.

If I had actually said how intense and resolved, how serious were my feelings toward you. You never would've believed me and I know why, as you are too young and too inexperienced. You young girls don't like to hear this as opposed to those more mature who soak it up like life energy. The older they are, the more they like to hear it. Unfortunately, there aren't many men in the world who give them this satisfaction. Many women so deeply feel this kind of honesty, are so touched by it that to them it seems more beautiful than the “happy ending” of a good movie or even a good sexual orgasm. But getting back to you or us, this last part about falling in love so fast, why, etc. because you mentioned this in your last SMS. Love is the most complicated thing, because in the word itself there are an endless number of things, and a lot of time and understanding are needed. The lack of both these is most commonly the main flaw in the male species. Again I could write the countless reasons why, but they are what they are, and this you'll see and feel for yourself in life. Unfortunately you'll have to get used to it. They want to be masters, and will never agree with the emancipation of women, and they especially won't be reasonable and begin to understand you, and many other things. You women in general have power, but you don't know how to use it on men. It'll be a long time before you find a cure for that, or find the right way. I said that I'm worried about you, because you've started down the wrong path. You're still at the beginning so you can't yet see what's at the end of the road, or just how dangerous that road is.

I know your wishes and your intentions, and they'll realize it sooner or later. But for you it may be too late by then. Some people have the gift or talent to anticipate certain things in the near or far future. And because you're so dear to me, I'm going to write a screenplay about you which may become the most-watched movie, and which will try to prevent the bad things that are expected from happening to you. Movies such as “The Day After” and other disaster films have been made to be understood by the human race as a warning. Sadly, no one takes this warning seriously. Look at the news or the internet on the current state of the Earth, or as I call it “paradise”, and even a child will realize that we're practically nearing the end. Yet this isn't a movie now, but reality. This paradise is being destroyed in many ways, and when it's too late neither tears nor prayers will help, which if they had the power they would bring back to life so many dead. For me it's fine because I won't have to write a screenplay about your salvation as this is supposed to happen later, after the world is saved. Forgive me if I've frightened you. I've told you that I've had everything in life and if it were all to end tomorrow, I'd have no regrets. You and other youths who haven't even begun to live, you'll be the most regretful. Those that destroy our paradise have already lived their lives so that it's all the same to them, what becomes of you and especially your grandchildren, and so on. When all of this comes around, you won't be the one who I'll take by the hand, and along with several others create a new and better beginning for humanity on the “space station of peace”. You didn't understand that you were supposed to set an example for the entire female species in many things; you could've been famous and rescued for the new beginning. I told you what miracles I saw in you. You didn't believe in those miracles because they never happened to you. Many have happened to me, from the smallest to the most incredible. Even now you don't believe, but when I release Star Miracles to the world, then you'll see and you'll believe.

I learned to perceive them as one voice that I understand, that whispers to me and guides me. What guides me is fate that has been determined in the cosmic system of planets. The galaxy and universe are the macrocosm, and we are the microcosm in the system of time and function. People are aware that the clock can't move in the wrong direction. I phrased myself incorrectly because this would be possible, but time flows in its own course and direction which are unchangeable. I just wanted to emphasize that time won't stand still or go in reverse. Because of this there are many things that are determined by space time. How, when, which planets and in which system they are located, so our fate is created. Without those planets and the universe we wouldn't exist – all of that affects us. My planets were different from yours at the time of my birth. This is why we're different, and I believe in horoscopes. I described all this to you at the beginning so that you'd understand. I've said what was the most important. Anyway, it is written in the stars that I keep many important things secret so that I won't discover the secret to my success. There, I've told you a secret and sent you an SMS like no one has ever sent to their loved one before, with the hope that you'd take me seriously. If you took me seriously or logically as I've explained it to you, you would've read it three times and understood and won by it. Do you know when I knew you'd lost? From the moment you answered my question on the phone “did you read my SMS?” Your response was “Yes, well, it was read quickly.” By this you let me know that you didn't read it thoroughly and thereby denied yourself valuable information that was important for your benefit. I didn't only read your horoscope but entirely analyzed it. That's why I saw a lot of your bad characteristics or faults that I particularly consider as they can present themselves as problems in a relationship. At the beginning of our relationship, you did and said some things because I, like a psychologist, asked you some direct questions. I compared your answers with the analysis of your horoscope (a lot of information about you), and I didn't need to know you for 6 years like your friend. I knew you at that moment as if I had known you for 100 years. Even your own parents don't fully understand your essence and everything that's written about you in the stars. I read everything three times in order to be sure of each one of my next moves. “Patience is the art of hope and success.” This and many other sayings or principles, mine or otherwise, are written rules that I live by. This is also one of my secrets. I just want to emphasize that I never go against nature, but I won't explain further right now. I don't know if you follow me, what I want to say is that it's written in the stars that we'd be better off just being friends. I know that with love and understanding anything can be achieved, so even small differences can be balanced out in time in order for a couple to improve their love life. Why did I tell you that I really liked what was written in your horoscope? Because I saw we had so many things in common. So whatever someone else says or thinks differently than me, in a relationship that functions well people need to be close, and any differences break up the monotony or some couples work them out together and thereby perfect their relationship – this is an art. All of this is as wanted or as needed. But in my opinion, believe in everything, and what you don't believe, analyze. The moment came when I no longer believed you for many reasons, for example you and A. are very much alike, so after she had lost I thought you'd be smarter. Life can lead in various directions – I wish you all the luck in your departure. Since you don't live by any important rules or regulations such as logic, you're going to need a lot of luck. After an unfulfilled life, people recognize their mistakes or bad decisions. All their lives they are tortured by thoughts of how they could've chosen a different or more logical direction, and sooner or later they arrive at the conclusion that they've made the wrong decisions, but by then it may be too late. Every forced decision that follows in order to fulfill life's goals just brings new problems. Which means that people really don't know what they want and as such create problems for themselves. How funny all of that is to me. Even with so many informed possibilities and examples people can't learn to be happy. As I've said, problem solving should begin in the roots, the foundations, and beginning with children. If logic should precede foundation, and I think it does, then it should start at the beginning. For example, if I was Adam, it wouldn't have been necessary for God to create a third Eve, which wasn't “the third time's the charm.” I would've been content with Lillith and I'd understand her wishes, e.g. to be equal and in lovemaking to be “on top”, and many other needs would be fulfilled, e.g. I'd give her attention, security, the feeling of happiness or fulfill any of her wishes. How would this unfold? If one day I was to tell her, or discuss with her that someone had to be the boss, as men like to say, this would be solved by agreement. So God should look past Eve, not seeing her flaws, in order to observe that in the end all of you women are similar. I won't get into those 10 minutes that you “ate wisdom” before we did. Adam should have asked God for another female companion besides Eve, and then they would've seen that everything is ok. Why? The more you think about it, the sooner you'll understand. I can say one thing: it's much easier in today's world because there are a lot of female companions, so that each one that isn't suitable is replaceable. In my youth I've had 3 serious relationships that have lasted 3 years. In my first relationship we saw each other, roughly, every third day – this wasn't enough for me and because of this it wasn't a real relationship. She was mature at 26, but I was even more mature at 16. After 3 years I was so in love with her that I gave more than I received. As always.

She was something new in my experienced life back then. After my first three serious relationships in my youth, all of them lasting three years, I briefly described one of them to you because of my feelings toward a loved one. But controlling those emotions (which for me as a Pisces is extremely important)? After that, the next two relationships were indescribably beautiful, interesting, unique. But they wanted marriage, and I, as a young fish, swam away always having a reason for leaving. For example, your mistakes in your actions, which were never difficult for me to uncover and for this reason I'm unattainable. If I was to write about what happened to me before those 3 relationships, neither you nor anyone else would believe me. No one can punish me or say it was my fault, so it came and it was, no one got hurt and all of us enjoyed maximum pleasure, and what's most important is that I was young and I learned: not one expert was born yesterday . For example, I lived in Germany where the girls (compared to the girls in Croatia) were more sexually free, advanced, resolved, open, more modern etc., but by law a sexual relationship is permitted from the age of 16.

In Germany one of the subjects in school was sex education, which is why the girls, mentioned above, were more advanced than here. They all were, 20 year ago, but now because of emancipation they're not... 30% of Germans have Polish, Ukrainian, Asian wives.... I wanted to tell you that I broke the law because at the age of 14 I had my first unforgettable 6 hour-long sexual encounter, which I had dreamt about and planned for years as an act of lovemaking, where I would satisfy Eve with emotions like euphoria, ecstasy and passion. I did this to her, made her come 11 times in 6 hours, and this first time for me was unforgettable. I remember this event like it happened yesterday. How beautiful her body was, how it reacted naturally to my magic touch, her moaning natural and exciting, not to mention her ecstatic explosions when she came. That girl was the most beautiful I've had till now (and similarly before her I didn't know who was more beautiful; Pisces and Taurus appreciate everything that's beautiful), total perfection of beauty, sexiness and attraction.

She was 18 and she had many men before me. She asked me: “Tell me, after what I've just experienced, how many hundreds of girls have you been with that you can satisfy me so well?”, and I replied: you were my first. At that she started to laugh, loudly but honestly, and said: “That's the best joke I've ever heard.” And then I told her – “You really were my first and I'll remember every second of our lovemaking forever.” After that she hugged me so hard that I was breathless. “In further conversation she said: “A few weeks ago I had sex with a 28 year-old man and afterward he boasted that I was his 852 nd , but in my opinion you were 3 – 5 times better. Especially since you use your fingers, hands, feet, mouth and tongue, and your whole body. All at the same time.

I can't even imagine what you'd do to your 852 nd lover if this was only your first time.” I explained to her: imagination, talent, knowledge, logic and a healthy trained body, that's that . Even though I didn't orgasm, it was more important to me to give all of myself the first time around and satisfy Eve as intensely as possible, and that's what I'll do for the rest of my life. The most wonderful way to die would be to have a heart attack at age 150 with an 18 year-old chic, but only after I've had a cosmic orgasm. If I didn't have one in my first sexual encounter, then I will in my last. Remember when I asked you if you've experienced a vaginal (g-spot) and clitoral orgasm simultaneously? And I started working on that at the age of 19 (double orgasm). How long have I known about the g-spot? Since I was 6 years old. Before continuing I'd like to say that I started counting those approximately 2000 satisfied women from my first French kiss, and that was from the age of 10 onward. In America many would be punished for this, while I'm saying that those 2 girls whom I kissed should be rewarded. They introduced me to that magical world and showed me where the fun begins, and your external and internal paradise (mouth and tongue). They were 12 and I was 10.

Why would I write about my former lovers? To let you know how important you are to me. So much so that I wouldn't want to live without you. Therefore I'll take care of you, cuddle you and satisfy you and if necessary, save you. Men have started to socialize more intimately, so that (without fear of you) they've found their g-spot or they will find it, they weren't that interested in yours (for many reasons). You don't know because you haven't discovered it as I have, and you haven't shown the Adams where that interior paradise is because you're inexperienced. But how could you be experienced when they don't teach you this in school or learn it from you. I'll explain this to you further.

Had Eve been smarter, since she bit the apple 10 min. earlier, she would've taken advantage of the situation to teach Adam what to do with “junior” before he took the bite.

Eve taught me many things, she was 16 and I was 6. I'll elaborate further later on in this text.

With our first kiss you showed me that you wanted me and what it was like...

At the beginning of our acquaintance, especially the moment you first kissed me, you were lead by your heart, and your SMS telling me that you weren't ready was a lie, because what was written in the message wasn't your decision but the decision of others. You are a grown woman and you need to learn to make your own decisions, because others will make the wrong decisions for you. Maybe that person was one who lost herself, and is now giving you the wrong advice. Because why would you get by better in life than her, is what she's thinking, and is redirecting you accordingly. This is not a person who wishes you well, because you are prettier and smarter than she, and if you compare what she has done (organized) by the age of 18 and what you've done, you'll know what I'm talking about. She has never accomplished and never will accomplish what she wanted to, therefore why would she give you sound advice so that you may get by better in life than she did.

I fell in love with her then (and who wouldn't), but my behavior toward her was two-sided, both privately and professionally or spiritually and consciously, but it was mainly a test. I'm constantly telling people about character. If I'm a man who wants to and decides to change (also the wrong upbringing of parents) regardless of traditions, mentality or trends, but the human instinct, and especially fate cannot be changed.

It'll be clear to you further on in this letter exactly what I'm talking about. Remember when we talked about the miracles that I had shown you at the beginning of our acquaintance, the only thing you said was that it's all fate. Those miracles have convinced me that they are the real thing.

But then in the analysis, according to the cosmic calculation (the one and only), revealing a part of you through the SMS record, you allowed yourself to become hindered by an evil, jealous or any other kind of person. Being aware of this, I forgive you because I know that this decision did not come from your heart. No matter how secretive you are, deep emotions are stronger than the conscious. I, as a Pisces, know what I'm talking about.

Because of my scientific and spiritual power I fell in love with your eyes, perfection in brilliance and goodness, through which I can easily see what is happening deep within you. Further on in this text you'll see why I have the power to “read” people. Why I fell in love with your eyes, and not your ass like others have. For now I can say that it's easy to read your wishes in your eyes. I could eternally love you and make you happy. The stars that I have given you all of my life are now ready to be revealed. To all of you (not just my former lovers). Even to Adam now. So that I can open your eyes, so that all of you may lead happier lives.

Wait until I open Stars Love.

So this is the reason why, in my biological world, I'm doing all of this. I was born on March 3 rd , 1961 (the Pisces-Taurus combination). When I was born, that year Jurij Gagarin became the first man to fly into space. He is a PISCES. But I didn't get to ask you: do you believe in myths and legends? But I don't even need to ask you because in the time you've gotten to know me, it was first your heart that fell in love with me, then your human instinct and then your wise brain.

Particularly this that I'm working on (Galaxy-Stars) is your evidence, because you've seen it, and until people see, they don't believe. Look at this, but read it carefully and you'll see, because you know me in my works where you were present. From this text you'll actually recognize not how, but why I'm doing all of this, you'll get to know the real me and I cannot change. I haven't had a reason to up till now. THIS IS WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF PISCES, UNDER LEGENDS AND MYTHS.

In everyday language the terms of the astrological era are often mentioned, which are marked by the beginning of Christianity, in other words the birth of Christ. This era is the sign of Pisces. The entire philosophy of Christianity is strongly permeated with the symbolism of this astrological sign. As we know, the first Christians were not able to freely practice their religion. On the contrary, they were exiled by the Roman authorities and were forced to hide and use secret symbols to communicate. The symbol for the mutual recognition of Christians became the fish. Christ also called the Apostles themselves fishermen – those that teach others the Christian way of life and so acquire them for the teaching of a new faith. Christian theology speaks primarily of love – the love of God but particularly the love of other people. Love those close to you as you love yourself, is one of Christianity's basic premises.

All of this coincides with the characteristics of the Fish sign, with sensitivity to one's own surroundings, strong but hidden and undefined emotions, with the tendency to sacrifice for a higher spiritual or religious goal. And the image itself of Jesus Christ perfects many “fish” characteristics – we can primarily say this of his sacrifice for the sins of humanity. It is about a voluntary sacrifice – regardless of what is waiting for Him, He accepts the suffering for a higher cause. After all, in Christianity the act itself of christening, as a symbol of initiation into the Christian community, is linked to water. In some branches of Christianity, during the ritual of christening the candidate is literally immersed in water. After the warrior era of Aries that had preceded the era of Pisces (astrological eras move in the opposite direction of astrological signs) – humanity began to search for the meaning of life, for unconditional love, and all of this was embodied in Christianity. Therefore it was no wonder this religion spread quickly in the world back then. The gods of the ancient world were too similar to humans with their faults and passions, too cruel and too demanding. The image of Jesus Christ as the Son of God embodied in human form, as One who forgave and understood, formed an entirely different relation to the godly and to the holy. His acts and His Teachings are wholly within the philosophy of the sign of Pisces – their empathy for others, their susceptibility to human suffering as well as the need to help others even it means they'll get hurt in the process. Christ walking on water is the raising of humanity above emotions, fears and superstitions (all of this is symbolized by water) for the purpose of mastering oneself. In this way Man can become worthy of serving God. Jesus accomplished that which was impossible for an ordinary man, but if we observe through the eyes of the Pisces, with the experience of all the other 11 signs, the material should be overpowered.

PISCES IS THE SIGN FOR WHICH THE IDEA OF BOUNDARIES IS NOT DEFINITE, FOR WHICH NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE, AND WHICH FAITH AND HOPE ARE NEVERENDING AND INDESTRUCTIBLE. There is a figure in Greek mythology that we can associate with the sign of Pisces – Dionysus, the god of wine and ecstasy. His name in itself means “twice born”. Dionysus was the child of Zeus's extramarital affair with Semele, a Thebian princess. When Zeus's wife Hera heard of his infidelity, she decided to take revenge. Disguised as an old woman, she encourages Semele to convince her lover Zeus into revealing himself in all his glory. Of course, a god in such form is a frightening sight for mortals and Semele dies of fear with the unborn Dionysus still in her womb. In order to save his son, Zeus places the fetus in his thigh to be kept safe until he is ready to be born. However, Hera's revenge didn't end here. When he was grown, she ordered the Titans to tear Dionysus apart and cook parts of his body. But Dionysus was saved again. His grandmother Rhea pieced him back together again and brought him back to life.

Dionysus is otherwise the god of plants, vineyards, wine, seasonal renewal. He is the lord of human and animal fertility. Also, he is the god of transcendence, abolishment of prohibitions and taboos, the god of liberation and exuberance. He has also been regarded as the liberator of the underworld, the god who guides and directs souls. Dionysus often descended into the underworld, which symbolizes the changing of seasons, the exchange of death and resurrection. He is the god of creativity, in accordance with his spontaneous nature – creation is something that cannot be controlled, but simply progresses in its unpredictable direction, just as Dionysus's behavior itself was unpredictable. This is well recognized by those born under the sign of Pisces, who are often creative in nature and have heightened artistic talents. If you wish to create something unique, it can't be done by your own will or by someone's command.

What is needed simply is inspiration, which comes around when you least expect it and can lead you in a direction that you never anticipated. Pisces spontaneously give in to those impulses and that is why they leave exceptional works behind them.

The followers of Dionysus are voluptuous women known as Maenads, (translation: insane women) or Bassarids (Bacchae or Bacchantes). They participated in what we call Bacchanals, in other words the former Dionysian festivities. They drank wine and ate raw meat, in this way calling upon the god in themselves and through dancing brought themselves to a state which would contrast the reasonable and the rational.

Their behavior and acts toward other people can often be misunderstood and they can fall victim to the incomprehension of others, regardless of the fact that they haven't done anything bad to anyone, yet despite this they are always willing to accept and understand any person with all his faults and virtues.

The image and symbolism of the sign of Pisces are also evident to us in the fairytale of the Little Mermaid. A sea creature, half woman and half fish, falls hopelessly in love with a mortal man, and for her love sacrifices everything she has. She gives up her beautiful voice, and through an extraordinary metamorphosis her fish tail is turned into legs. Each one of her steps on the ground causes her indescribable pain, and her inability to speak makes it difficult for her to get close to the man she loves. Nevertheless she becomes dear to him. Unfortunately he has given his heart to another, and the little mermaid chooses to let herself be turned into sea foam than kill the prince and return to her marine kingdom, where everything would've been idyllic and carefree as before. But, of course, the most important part would be missing – love.

This fairytale clearly outlines Pisces' willingness to sacrifice. Especially sacrifices made in the name of love, even when the situation is hopeless. They'll do anything to satisfy their loved one, because for a Pisces love is one of the driving forces in life. Therefore they often completely forget about themselves and their own needs. And the worst that can happen is that in the end their sacrifices prove to be in vain. Pisces believe that pain enriches, that through it they grow into better people.

This perhaps isn't untrue, but is it really that necessary to suffer in such measure and thereby forget about everything beautiful that life has to offer? There is no other fairytale as sad and as poetic as the Little Mermaid, who sacrificed everything for the benefit of a loved one. A being of the sea returns to the sea and is transformed into foam to save her beloved prince.

This sad ending symbolically invokes this wish – the destruction of oneself that Neptunians are well acquainted with.

This is a wonderful story of love, dreams, melancholy and everything else that Pisces often experience, being sensitive to the ideal of sacrifice and sublimation. In their sentimental events the calling of martyrs frequently appears which causes secret suffering and similarly secret sacrifices. Thus Pisces should ponder this story in order to draw out a certain rule: that they not suppress what can be experienced in reality, that they retreat when their stake in the game is too high, and that occasionally they restrain their instinct to sacrifice.

With unacknowledged sentiments and impossible fantasies a person can get lost in the waves, and this is not good for Pisces.

This is written in the book about me, if you recall when I said that there is much I'd like to eliminate from the world: prisons, wars, etc.

Each person in this world has something special that no one else or most people don't have. In my travels around the world, I'm exchanged experiences with many of these people. Thirteen years ago, there was a man in Zagreb who told me, after I had approached him, without him saying good day and without a word from me, that I have the eyes of Jesus. He came to this conclusion by looking directly into my eyes even though he was uninterested in me. He also didn't know that I was president of a humanitarian organization, or anything else about me.

These kinds of people are everywhere in the world, some can read or see a person through their eyes. They are the windows of the soul or cosmic energy. From the surface to deep into the one thing that no surgeon could take into his hands.

In your eyes I mostly saw a lot of good deep inside you. A confirmation of this was when you told me your last name. Perhaps you haven't noticed that from the beginning of our acquaintance, every time we were together I constantly looked into your eyes. When I spoke to you, each sentence was directed so that I could see in you, through your eyes, what I wanted to verify for myself. From when I was little I remember how other boys always had male friends, but I always had female friends. Because of this I've had few male friends in my life up until now, but from each one of them (except the last one) I learned how to captivate your heart. They and all other men have the wrong ideas because they haven't been involved with you as much as I have. They think that “entrance” into your “universe” is the path to your heart. I've proven to them and learned that entering your heart is the sure path to your universe. I've directly told them why and everything else important. When I taught them to think differently, they conquered. From then on they've all believed me. Unbelievable things have happened to them, but for me it was all in my little finger. One day in a disco club in Munich (it was called Zypp), five of us friends walked in and sat at the bar. One look at the crowd concluded that there were no “chics”. I told them I'd be right back, I was going to get some “chics.” I went to another disco club that they didn't know about because it played a different type of music, and in that “disco” where they couldn't enter because they were from the country and had just begun to “see the sights”, Munich City Nights, a disco club that I'd been going to for 3 years, so in that club “East Syde” were the most beautiful of the beautiful girls, women and ladies. Why? Because in those times it was difficult to get into a disco club with the richest and most prominent people in show business, high society. With one quick look I spotted 5 beauties and approached the prettiest one of these roses of the night. After I noticed that not one of them was reacting to the music in the least, I knew they didn't like this kind of music, so I asked this prettiest girl, whom not one guy, slick or macho would've dared to approach; for fear of the embarrassment of getting “blown off”, and up until that point in the night not one of them came near those women. Everything was ideal for me, and now I can tell you that I “whisked away” those girls to my friends and continue on a different topic, but then you'd think I was lying because I didn't mention how I was able to “whisk them away” or “win them over”. This part would pique the interest of boys and not you, but I'd never want you to think I was lying (something else is written about you), as I can prove all of this. If this part doesn't interest you, you can skip over it.

So, after I had used all of my knowledge and logic to analyze the situation, I noticed that those girls weren't from Munich but from a nearby village. Like my friends who were waiting. How did I know this? By the clothes they were wearing. After I had gone out every night and club-hopped around 10 of the most popular disco clubs on the night scene in their heyday, and knowing the fashion trends, I had experience in this and therefore saw that the girls were dressed like rockers and thus in the wrong club because the music being played was disco and not rock. I additionally noticed as before mentioned that they weren't moving to the music, meaning it wasn't to their taste, so they stood at the bar like “wie bestellt und nicht abgeholt”, which is a German phrase, in English it would translate to, “like made to order and left unclaimed”. I saw boredom in their eyes, which I had also noticed in their gestures and movements. I likewise knew that something had to happen now, or they'd leave. I remember the song that was playing, “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer, and everything that I had observed in that short time told me – it'll be a piece of cake for me (under the sign of Taurus it's written that where others fail, he'll succeed). I stood there or presented myself in such a way that they'd see me, as guys in that disco club were dressed more like snobs (you know, suits, ties), and tennis shoes or jeans weren't allowed.

Since I knew the doormen well, and back then they were gods, I was wearing tight jeans, a tight shirt and cowboy boots. The girls gave me a positive look, so that in a single moment I went into action without being able to cook up some kind of story. Other guys would say that I went over there to help them

have more fun (for this is the reason they went out and not to be bored and they looked like they wanted to have fun). Approaching the chosen girl from a distance of 6 meters, who stood on the far-left side, she gazed into my eyes the whole time.

That song “I Feel Love”, my confidence and the whole situation, as on all sides of the club, guys, hotshots, freaks, “macho” and rich men watched, I felt invincible and she saw this in my eyes. 1 meter from her, with an easy smile and slowly coming close to her ear, especially so she could smell me (I'd always known about the most attractive aftershave colognes), I said to her (not asking, because I didn't know her and in the worst case scenario she'd shake her head “no” – meaning it was over) - I see that you and your friends are bored. Her curiosity awakened, she smartly asked me: “how can you tell?” So as a conclusion I told her in 6-7 sentences (everything that I mentioned before) nicer things than what other guys say. She realized that I was different than the others and asked me what my sign was (at that moment I thought – BINGO, this super-attractive and sexy babe knows what's going on. Back then some TV shows and magazines declared that most male Pisces were good in bed). I told her I was a Pisces. Up until that moment there wasn't a lot of eye-contact, due to the loud music I was talking in her ear, but in that instant when I told her, the word Pisces was like a magic word. She turned toward me and looked me deep in the eyes. Back then I wasn't that skillful, but in that momentary look I got the feeling, indescribable but with the main conclusion, that I really care about her now, that she's the most important person to me in the world now because she ignited in me a raging fire, not deeply but superficially, and I became very hot. Her scent already had almost hypnotized me before, and I told her so.... (to follow later).

I think this would be the right moment to tell you how quickly I fell in love with you. These are otherwise the profound secrets of Pisces, and I'm revealing them to you in order to better understand your belief, because of the contents of your X-SMS.

“....and after all you say that you love me? I don't believe that because you can't know that you love someone after just one week...”

I'd like to describe for you the kind of enjoyment I created for myself with incense sticks (Vanilla and Black Magic – good combination), slow music and nice feelings in me, so that I could describe for you from the heart in the most understandable way. I remembered something that could help you, and especially help guys to understand certain things. Go to the video store and rent the movie “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days ”. I'd like you to watch that movie because it's very important, and then read what I'm going to reveal about the period of being in love , from beginning to end. I could write a book about this too.

There's enough knowledge from all of those books that I will mention cite in this e-mail, so that I can make it easy for you to be believe in true love, and not the kind you believe in with your youth.

After the information and knowledge in this e-mail you'll love not only your boyfriend differently, but also your whole environment: people, animals, plants and all of the natural beauty of our earthly paradise and the universe. It's written in my horoscope that I could be a writer. I've never thought of myself as one and I think there are others who could do better, but I'll try to make sure your feelings of love don't change, not even after the 200.000 page record that I'm just now starting to break.

What's written up till now, what some others recognize more and some less, as I see that movie differently than you or other people because we're different, so that everything can be easier and nicer, only a lunatic (why a lunatic – who would try to break a 200.000 page record?) who works on endless or eternal projects can explain. I hope I won't have to write an endless e-mail, like the “Neverending song”, in order to help you, but if it were necessary it would be my pleasure, a piece of cake for me. It's written that I'm willing to sacrifice – especially sacrifice in the name of love. I've told you that the word LOVE has a million meanings, but I didn't say to you, since we people are different in thinking and understanding, and there are almost 7 billion of us in the world – multiply: 1 million meanings in love X 7 billion people X human diversity = ? Forgive me, if you can tell me the answer then I'll believe what you say, your view on love (I'm flexible in all situations). I've always wanted to show one special “Eve” the love calculation, and you were chosen by the miracles of the universe so that now I can tell you the answer. You certainly want to know the method of calculating, sooner or later your learn on your own from this letter, how to calculate what?

GAIN – I've told you about my newly conceived game that's the best and most powerful of them all. But I didn't have the time to tell you that the currency is INTEREST. Then what happened wouldn't have happened. I wonder now, when I revealed to you the secret of currency and solution, the result, goal or reward is a gain, when sooner or later the manner or the path will be learned from you? You have no idea how much I want to help you so that it'll be sooner, and therefore my suggestion is – go the way of your feelings and your heart.

My second suggestion is: if you read more intensely (which means more slowly, with greater understanding of the words), the more time you'll spend, the quicker you'll get to the prize.

My third suggestion – you know that my birthday is on the third, along with my miraculous third month in which I was born as a PISCES, there are 33 stars, but this time I didn't give them away as I did in my youth to my queens, but to all of humanity, mainly children and young people, because through them as a foundation of the future of my first or later plan – to eliminate evil from the game (I didn't say pain), so let the evil die rather than the animals.

These 33 stars are human interests, each in itself has its own function and in each one of them 32 will be identified. You know this, I've told you. Yes, this is my third suggestion, go to , some of the stars and their contents I still keep secret in my deep waters. Remember when I had asked you what your phobias were, and you told me. From the greatest depths of the water or sea, I directed questions to you, I wanted to verify where I saw your fears deep inside you. There, where you, Aquarius, can live and only I who live there can help you harmonize what you are and what you will be. I think about others as a Pisces. Now one more of my rare questions to you: what is your favorite color or more importantly, when I had asked you what colors are the walls of your bedroom? Why and for what reasons I asked you to get to know you better, I could write 10 pages about this. From the psychological, scientific life experience to the analysis of me the Pisces, only recently so much detail. Let's return to where I wrote: “I hope I won't have to write an endless e-mail. The color of your room is green, you said – whoever lives with hope will be rewarded sooner!”

Now with this I'll prove to you that optimists PROFIT sooner than pessimists do. You live with the hope of a career, you'll see, you've been chosen by the universe. I've told you several times, believe in everything , and analyze what you don't believe. You haven't done this, but forgive me, I've done it for you. This hope that you live with, I'll explain more about it and its importance further in this text. Would you be able to tell me the reason why I wear an uncut green emerald (spoken as it is written) Kanochio, in its original form from the source, which is more valuable to me than a cut emerald. Untouched, like a virgin (Virgo is my sub-sign, and those Eves are my favorite).

It's hanging on a chain exactly at the height and center of my heart. For a good answer you'd need to read many different books such as, “The Power of the Stone” and spend a few years in Columbia like I did. Since you didn't have time for this, I'm very interested in your opinion as to why?

There are still many important things in life, which I'd like to tell you in German but you wouldn't understand. I can't find the right Croatian words for most of the things I'd like to tell you, German is easier for me because I spent most of my life there and I'm more fluent in that language. But let's go back to those rare questions I had asked you, for the reason that I had informed you in so many different directions. All together in legal ways, and I haven't invested that much time, because I didn't believe it was you at that moment, as I have tried or tested the results of project “a better future for love”, and when you came into my life I fought the greatest and the strongest battle not in my deep waters but in my deep universe. Star Wars is nothing compared to my battle. After my last serious relationship, I never wanted another serious relationship again. For me, my former love was like an angel sent from heaven in the beginning, a relationship where we lived together, and at that time a person whom I loved the most. So she became my life source, my sun, this was what she was supposed to be in my huge multi-complex project that linked all of my projects together like a chain. And what happened? Dolphins in the Caribbean and a child in Zagreb in her lap recognized the person, as I was blind with love and couldn't see that in many ways she wasn't contributing to my future happiness and she didn't want to change.

I told her to read my Chinese horoscope thoroughly. A Taurus in combination with Pisces, but she wouldn't listen to that advice so that now she'll certainly read it out of curiosity, and see that in 2006 everything that was written there happened. She could have, had she bought this little book, changed fate or redirect it to her own benefit. Therefore I told myself, not one, no matter who she was, would ever get the chance to be my “third time's the charm” (serious relationship). And you were currently supposed to be the third after my ex (second) and my ex-wife (first). Not even God got lucky the third time around with Eve, and I know that all my life I've gotten by in many other ways except luck, but after all, in my opinion only the weak and the lost need luck. But not to lose myself now, as I have to finish some parts that I've started. Previously in this letter you might have asked yourself about GAIN, which will be the question you'll ask frequently further on in this letter. It's strange how I can (I amaze myself sometimes) do 4-5 things at the same time, and I'm concentrated on each individual task (I'd like to teach you this; everything can be learned).

I noticed that in the last 10 songs playing in the background, 8 of them were about love. You see, I could also say that love is the most important thing in life, but you are lead by fate because you don't believe in what's most important. You already know this because I told you, and why do I know that humanity still doesn't know this? Because the 3 questions that I ask people, the most common answers to the question of what is most important in life is – love. I'm pleased to hear that but I'll put Stars Love in Galaxy Stars for you to see that Stars Music is stronger, because without music there wouldn't be love, at least not for me, I live for love. Therefore, without more stronger stars...The more I write, the more I want to say that with experience or powerful virtues I deeply recognized you and know you better than your own parents. For me to fall in love with you with the speed of light, through your eyes which were the first, I'll write about the moment you provoked a SUPER NOVA in me after that fire.

Remember when I started to sweat, because I got hot during the conversation, and after a longer talk I took off my blazer. I remember what you wore, and I'd like to know if you recall the color of my shirt and that I was hot, because that Super Nova was expanding inside me. Your friend asked what my intentions were with you (referring to our relationship and not professionally). I replied and then I said: “I hope she'll appreciate that,” and she responded, with the certainty of knowing you better than your mother, “for sure”. The expression in your eyes were watery, full of tears of happiness. My element through your eyes was unbelievably pure, washed by tears, so that I saw into the deepest of your depths, the honesty and purity of your feelings of happiness. At that moment a universe came together inside me, and not with the first kiss that happened earlier. I could give you my life to save you, even in the deepest waters where your faults and phobias are. The two of you will never forget that emotional conversation. I felt this with my other efficient aid that acts like a radiation gauge. And I can tell you why, because up until now you haven't experienced a conversation to that measure. During this conversation I fell in love with you unconditionally. And let's say from our second meeting where you (third) at the Fair. This is where it began. The evidence is the video in which you can hear my son calling me 6 times, and I didn't hear him because I was talking to you. You wouldn't believe me if I told you that my son is more important to me than any girl at that moment, but up till then I had been looking into your eyes long enough and seen enough to be interested in you. Up to the super nova our acquaintance lasted 3-4 weeks, but for me and eternity with my internal struggle. I wrote to you saying I wanted to be sure, careful and systematic. So as not to rush in, lead only by my emotions and all of my million secret discoveries, from the magical to the cosmic. That this time, if it's destined, to be the final evidence of the universe. And then, I received it.

The period of my Super Nova, 7 days according to your time, but an eternity for me that I lived through for us. An eternity that no other man would begin. I know men, they're different, they haven't written you the longest SMS or the longest E-MAIL. Maybe that's enough proof for you, or you're looking for something else. I'm not curious, but I'd be interested in your feelings for me in the conversation concerning our Super Nova; or who directed you to write an X SMS to me. I don't want to scare you, I hope it's not someone dear to you because I'm not one who punishes – the universe does that, and so everyone up to now who behaved negatively or badly toward me were punished. Don't believe it? Wait and be patient until I put Star WONDER on the website. Many people don't even know why they've gotten hurt or were saved or survived – FATE?

And now, to finish the story of the 5 “babes.” So when we looked each other in the eyes, at that moment I got warm. At that time, not as much as now, but mostly, something very positively attracted me. So I asked the question, and I saw a strong desire in her eyes – as if she'd seen a miracle. I don't know what she found out through the media, but back then there was a lot of talk about the horoscope sign PISCES. I basically felt sure and I knew she'd go with me. So then I asked her: “Would you like to go to a place where you'll surely have fun?”

“Where would that be?” she asked.

I told her “Disco ZYPP” (rock club) – it was a well-known club with rock music.

Then she replied: “I don't even have to ask my friends, I'll just tell them that we're going.”

“But how will we get there?” she asked.

To that I replied: “No problem, I have a big car so we'll all go together.”

She said:

“OK!” then she jabbed her friend and said something in her ear, and the friend told the next girl, and so on, like a relay (from ear to ear).

But unbelievably? What the first girl told the next, down to the last one was the same, so that they all got ready at the same time, and each paid for herself even though I wanted to, but they wouldn't allow it. So we all slowly left together, I was in front and they were behind me. The club wasn't packed so everyone saw that they all followed me nicely. In front of the exit I turned around, waited for the girls and then we all left the club together.

“Did I turn out to be a “stud” in the eyes and thoughts of the male and female public?”

Well, I don't know, but I'd say YES, because it's hard to “pick up” two girls let alone five.

I wasn't really interested in what the crowd thought, but more interested in how I felt.

Boys know this feeling well, but no man or boy in the world could've imagined the way I felt.

Basically, after they were all seated in the car, an enormous BMW limousine that's considered to be an old-timer today, as if high on love drugs I entertained the girls all the way to club “ZYPP”. We slowly neared the entrance, but before I had left that club the doorman asked “Where are you going?” and I said “I'm going to get some entertainment!” (at that moment he still didn't know what that meant).

After I returned with 5 chics, he said to me “Aller achtung” (the equivalent to “bravo!” or “good for you!”) and I went in with them behind me, down the stairs into the club. We descended step by step downward where everyone could clearly see who was coming down the stairs, so the entire club saw me coming with 5 cosmic beauties behind me.

I saw disbelief in the eyes of the guys who stood at the bar as I walked up to my friends with the girls. They introduced themselves and I put an arm around my pretty girl, and since the music was loud, we had a nice time talking together.

Mainly I remember, as I was coming down the stairs, that at that moment I felt even better than when I had picked them up. A song from 1981 was playing, “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. It'll remain in my memory forever. Through music memories can last a lifetime, and so I'll always remember the moments associated with music. Between me and “EVE” a harmony of wonderful feelings developed after the first kiss, not to mention what kind of kiss that was, because everything was clear to both me and her. We danced a little, kissed again etc. I saw that my guys were also each with his own “EVE”, and so I can say that we all successfully left the club that night as couples (which doesn't really happen often in Zagreb).

Everyone went their own way, I don't know where, but I went in the direction that she and I decided on. That direction was my love nest. Back then I had a fairly large apartment with blue walls, the color of a not-too-deep ocean, and light beige-grey carpets as fine as silk or the beach.

In the main room was a table with a glass surface on a very modern white pedestal. Behind that was a couch and chair of white leather, of timeless modern design, and between a nice palm tree. That play of colors intrigued me, and the style and system were like that of the Caribbean. I created absolute perfection for that room, where out of wood I hand-crafted a plateau that was sunk into one wall and elevated like a throne, as a half-room of fairly large area. I placed a large bed here, a giant cube of sponge. I don't like it when some beds creak or squeak, and with this sponge you could jump on it like a trampoline or have passionate, acrobatic sex. You could say the sexual end of the world with maximum action. I covered that elevated cosmic place with a large fur which completely covered the bed, and in this pleasant spot I experienced stormy love-making with many changes. And so I had attracted those stars to this cosmic place.

This was evident every time: whenever I arrived with a loved one, and I had loved them all, in this room. I went first and she after me, to the left toward the kitchen so that “EVE” could choose where she wanted to sit. Each one, absolutely each one of them sat down on that elevated cosmic place, and so did she. From the kitchen I asked “Would you prefer champagne, a martini or something else?” Along with wine I always loved those three drinks.

She replied “Champagne!”

I opened the bottle in the kitchen and bringing the drink to her on the bed, I saw that she felt perfectly fine. The position she laid in, the way she made herself comfortable and the way she ran her fingers and hands through the fur.

I thought: Look at how she kneads! Like a cat! She's so beautiful! This she'll never forget!

Where shall I lead you now – to 7 th heaven? But I know that I swept her away to 777 th heaven.

At that time I “had” a lot of them and I was in a “fury” to give them maximum pleasure!

To give and receive as much emotion as possible with physical pleasure to ecstasy, for one night or longer, but the shorter the period the less painful it is after the breakup. After my first and second serious relationship, which began that same night, after I finished with my first, I learned to give the maximum in emotions, but at the moment of breaking up I would feel as if nothing even happened. But I've remembered all of them, more or less, especially their “endings” (orgasms) which were all very different, depending on what you were like. I'd like to emphasize how different all of you are, in complete opposite to the statement of men that you're all the same. How happy the boys or men would be right now if I started to write about those various beautiful, perfect acts of love, and if I was to write about how I experienced them and what I did to make them forever unforgettable. Now in these times I think that evolution has progressed and we're all mature and reasonable. If I wrote about that, I think it would be absolutely the most-read book in the world (I'll write many of them further on in this text).

But why do I keep saying “act?”

Because in the act of love there's also foreplay and much more. Only through this can one come to the maximum height of ecstasy and forget about everything else. To not know of oneself, as if the unconscious has swallowed up the conscious. With this feeling I've already had their nails “buried” in my back, legs or behind. Back then when I brought her to that sense of timeless in further, stronger dimensions, with stronger or more intense movements like, for example, looking at 777 th heaven or with my words of Pisces from deep waters, coming up to the surface. When that rocket (penis) ignites, it flies upward, higher and higher. Further on I'll write about how to make that most important and most beautiful moment last longer and with more intensity for the “Eves”.

All of my life I always wanted to give you the most. Stronger and stronger. Farther and farther. Not for the reason that I wanted to beat my records, but for the emotion that I had. The better I pleased, the more enjoyment and will I got to provide absolutely perfect satisfaction. The better I satisfied you the more I charged my own batteries (life energy). Your natural behavior was the best you could give me. Your moaning, screaming...

By showing those natural emotions, you received much, much more from me as a reward.

But where is the climax of all climaxes. The orgasm of all orgasms? Now I'd ask that of you, or the entire female race!

Do you know how to achieve 3 orgasms in one? Asking yourself how? It's simple!

Do you remember when I asked if you could imagine one man who could give you a clitoral and vaginal orgasm at the same time?

That's two! Now you're certainly asking where's the third?

You see, “mine” is the third along with your two like a fantasy or “trio fantasticus!”

Orgasms are very different, I know that myself. After sex I asked almost all the “Eves” about the orgasms they experienced, were their eyes open or closed. Some of them I asked during climax, so I know that all orgasms are very different, like the universe (those were and are some of my most important questions to “Eve” for the book “A Million Questions to Eve, a Million Answers to Adam”). I always considered myself to be an astronaut in space (with a good rocket), since I was born in 1961, the year Gagarin was the first man to fly into space. And he was a PISCES! Knowing your body biologically with its erogenic zones was always easy for me.

But I don't know if any boy or man thinks about how to bring his star into space to 3 SUPER NOVAS. Those true orgasms are like a SUPER NOVA and the beginning of life in Eve's fertile universe! If “Eve” wants to experience a SUPER NOVA like this she doesn't have to knock on my door but simply teach her “Adam”. Everything can be learned; I myself have learned it all! I had a lot of time and a lot of will to do it. You were still everything to me. So, you have to teach “Adam” that it starts from the beginning. It'll depend on you exactly how much they'll understand or accept it, especially where feelings of love are concerned. Experienced (older) men will teach you, and then you'll pass it on to the inexperienced. It all starts with a foundation or foreplay.

Why do I mention this? For the reason that you have to teach them that the intensity of each orgasm, its strength or power, depends on the length of the foreplay or the length of petting and stimulation.

Step by step to the moment of climax, like in a game , one can, in agreement with the partner, excite and be brought to the feeling of pre-climax, and then stop. After several interruptions in that sexual act is the prelude to an indescribable orgasm. The time-frame of the pre-climax (never interrupt during climax) will always be shorter. Thereby, step by step you've achieved one peak of the mountain, so that the SUPER NOVA can be measured with a rocket that explodes in the sky.

It's lovely to see 3 rockets (three orgasms in one) exploding in the sky in various colors. To me the most important thing for that is preparation.

With those interruptions or elevation of feeling (up-down) an effect is acquired which is not only a magnification of feelings but an absolute multiplication of feelings. The stronger and longer and the more of those interruptions and elevations are achieved, the more unbelievable the feeling of Super Nova will be.

And now where is that beginning? The beginning is LOGIC.

Conceived or created by experience. That altar, that bed or whatever that place is called, should be as attractive and as comfortable as possible. This was confirmed by 2 cats.

These were neighborhood cats and as soon as they entered my apartment, immediately jumped up and laid on the bed that was covered in fur, dug their claws in and made it their favorite spot, kneading with satisfaction. Thus I saw an ideal atmosphere for the maximum comfort and feelings of my beloved stars for the sexual act. Back then I didn't bring them the stars and attracted them in that way, but I seduced them with my various skills, the bed and many other things for an ideal atmosphere. Counting: lighting, aromatic incense, “easy listening” music, drink selection etc., but those two cats showed me the attraction of that fur every time, so that I had a hard time getting them off my bed. I otherwise love cats and they especially love me , because they have senses that people don't have. Many of you women have the senses or instincts of a cat. I'd say that you, women, are like cats the most, and that's why I LOVE YOU the most! There are also tigers, lions, panthers and all kinds of cats, and I've experienced these because there were enough times when I looked like I was in a fight with a tiger, and I've got witnesses to that.

By chance I had a video that confirmed just how much cats love me, and they sense what a man is like. When I invited you to go to the opening of PASHE, you said you didn't want to because you don't like that kind of music, neither do I, but I went for other reasons. A SUPER-kitty fell in love with me, which enjoyed the way I petted her (on the sofa), and she was so pleased that she sensed my feelings toward her. When I wanted to leave she dug her claws into my leg and wouldn't let me go. And the entire time she nibbled on my finger and hand with so much feeling that it made me happy, like you wouldn't believe. I have this video and I'll show it to you. That SUPER-kitty was young, younger than you. She weighed 50 kgs and was seven months old. Perfectly healthy. I'll be her “sugar-daddy” (she's a “gold-digger” with black stripes) because she was able to recognize goodness. She had one advantage – cat instincts, they can sense goodness.

You, “EVE”, should work on that and learn in order to better assess a situation, who you choose for your partner, and as I've said there are other ways by which you can see, you only have to know how to read or see (and I'll list them further on in this text).

I don't really write that well, my vocabulary of words is too small in contrast to other writers who perfectly manage eloquent words. I wanted to say that I'd be better in the role of an inventor. I'd invent a device that can measure the frequency of good in a man. There at the point in the middle of the chest where the plexus is, where our soul should be, but I'd call it cosmic energy. When a man has that emotion, which is felt in various situations, e.g. when we've done something nice for someone and they're happy and they have tears of happiness in their eyes (but this rarely happens in people). That ultra-emotion has shown me and because of it I know a certain place where that cosmic energy is located, how many would pay for such a thing? Not to mention if that device could read and think! Absolutely everyone would sell their soul for that device! It would read your thoughts, like Mel Gibson in the movie “What Women Want.” Another movie that I recommend you watch.

A lot of time will pass until the male race acquires this knowledge. I won't stay in the same spot. I'll move forward. With absolutely all of the scientific resources I'll continue to research “Eve” like a never-ending adventure, and thereby also learn more about cats.

I've come a long way from the act of foreplay , but there's still so much to say and discover about foreplay. As much as you're similar that much you're different, because what one likes, another one doesn't like. For example, some of you like to have your belly button licked and fondled, and some don't because they say it tickles them. And those who say this aren't patient and will never learn to enjoy it. So don't get upset if “ADAM” says “Come on let me put it to you right now!”

Many of you like to be licked around your ears, but many of you don't.

But something else would be more important to you, e.g. whispering in the ear of your hero what you don't like to do during sex, and he knows this because he wanted you to do it, and thereby you've shown him that your reasonable and modern. Not paying so much attention to morals but to feelings, and by this you'll see his reaction. Especially then you might get an equal surprise whispered in your ear, something that you could do to him which he doesn't like, but you do (if both of you decide to try it, you'll see just how much it'll bond you together). For me, there are no limits in love.

Where have women set the limits of infidelity?

Any kind of communication during the sex act, to express some interesting thoughts, and particularly so that “EVE” or “ADAM” wouldn't by chance be thinking of Brad Pitt or Sharon Stone and in that way be unfaithful to one another. A question for “EVE”: “If you feel SUPERMAN in you, on you and around you, are you with “SPIDERMAN” in your thoughts? Logic says: if you have Superman, then you don't need Spiderman or Batman in your thoughts. But if you have a “squirter”, you'd rather be in your thoughts. Only by whispering in “ADAM's” ear can you attract attention to yourself , so that he doesn't think about the football scores that he bet on. Meaning that thoughts, from the conscious to the unconscious, can be drawn out only by acoustical and other means.

I mentioned a certain device before, and just think now if there was a device for “ADAM” which could measure if your orgasms were real or fake and how strong they were. How much would that device be worth to Adam?

They'd also like to have x-ray glasses to see you naked! So you see how much Adam is interested in you.

And I have to repeat it to you again!

It all depends on you, how much they should be interested in you!

The more interesting, intriguing and the more natural you are, the more interested they'll be in you!

Depending on how well couples know themselves, there are several things that are important. Whispering (as a game of communication) or speaking certain sentences in a quiet, pleasant voice to elevate excitement and different climaxes during the act. And on the other hand, with inexperienced young men, to achieve calm or eliminate the fear (of the first time) so that he and most importantly his rocket can function.

This is in your hands. To help “ADAM” get over his fears, because you don't realize how long it stays with a man, absolutely forever , if it should happen that his rocket malfunctions or quits the first time around.

Those men or “ADAMS” won't dare try to satisfy “EVE” again anytime soon.

In this way “EVES” lose many “ADAMS” who in any situation turn to other “ADAMS”. In the part that you should be teaching them or they should learn from you, there's one important thing: experienced men should be teaching young girls or conveying to them what we “ADAMS” want and prefer, and how to do those things, as you can't learn this in school. On the other hand experienced women should teach or convey their desires and preferences, in order to get experienced men whose function should be to satisfy and fulfill you.

The better you teach them, the better they'll satisfy you! (I'll repeat this again many times).

I also wanted to say that you women of more maturity, if you missed out on something in your youth, and now you want to make up for it quickly, don't lose your patience, I know you have more understanding, because you're more experienced than the younger ones.

All of this viewed from my perspective can be like a happy ending in a movie. Only now it all depends on you, when will you begin. I have an interesting game called PROFIT! SOONER OR LATER! so let's see when all of you will profit – sooner or later.

I'll take my hat off to you or I'll conceive many useful ideas for comfort for you, if you can bring those boys, who've gone off in the wrong direction, back to normal. Meaning that they have healthy, mature and manly thoughts. And that in the beginning it was “ADAM” and “EVE”, not “ADAM” and “ADAM” or “EVE” and “EVE” !!!!!!


Use all of the resources that have existed up till now, so that with your knowledge this world can be brought back to normal. Because I'll say it to you once again: YOU are that power, you only need to know how to use those powerful skills and knowledge!

But why am I writing this to you...

So that you'll think about whether your heart, like the instinct of a cat, made a good decision and recognized the right man designated for you.

The same way your sister and your friend realized that mature men are the better and more logical choice for young girls.

I'll finish for tonight because I can no longer find the right words, I'm not writing anymore but speaking into a recorder. And you know how long I can talk. In general, a million thoughts are racing through my mind simultaneously. What I'd like to write and tell you about. A million important things, one more important than the next, but there's still enough time for me to explain them and write them down.

I've been writing to you for 5 nights, as during the day I've had other jobs to do and so I've been sleeping around 2-3 hours every day (from 6 to 9).

From now to Easter there are still 11 days. I'm preparing a big surprise for April Fool's Day.

In that state of exhaustion I had to repeat a hundred times to one of my employees what I wanted him to do, so that the guy was almost ready to quit, but here's what happened:

A few days ago he openly told me about his problem. I was very pleased to be able to solve his love troubles. The topic began on my birthday, so I was able to help solve his problem quickly. Today he returned the favor by demonstrating that he's otherwise a miracle! What kind of miracle? A proven miracle because he had been close to death in a traffic accident. The consequences of that accident were brain dysfunction. The doctors said his nerves wouldn't heal for another 15-20 years.

From the moment he opened up to me and told me what happened, I wanted to help that man (like a miracle), and I will help him! How?

I understand now that he isn't disturbed but due to the accident something was wrong with him, and I being the man that I am, started to work on it that same moment.

I think that within the period of 2-3 days I can actually see good results with him.

He solved the problem with his girlfriend on his own. I was very pleased because through the window I could see him coming to work happy. He came in with a joyful expression on his face and said: “Boss, it worked! I listened to what you told me and I did it. You were right.” Because of this successfully resolved love trouble, and seeing this happiness, I felt more wonderful than he did. My employees had love troubles and I need workers with “clear” heads. The workflow was interrupted because they were obsessed with their problems in love. For this reason and more so out of the desire to help my employee, I gave him the best advice at that moment.

The same day I was really surprised when he told me what should be contained in a letter (which I learned two days before), but not only that. The whole time, while working on the web page, the number 33 was constantly on his mind. He told me everything in detail and that he didn't remember anything before the accident. Meaning just how much the number 33 was still in his memory. I don't know where he got it from. He remembered that Jesus was crucified at the age of 33.

What a case! My intention is to improve the world with the help of 33 stars. I asked him how he knew this. He said he read it somewhere. Then I told him to go on the internet and find this web page. He did so, and BINGO! The page was found. You can read in detail on our website that after the third day Jesus was resurrected, and that he died on Friday, and I was born on Friday the 3 rd . This is really a huge coincidence, especially because when I was close to the age of 33 I was stabbed in the heart with a knife and survived. But I don't want you to consider me a self-proclaimed prophet because I'm not.

Who knows! But to free my thoughts: maybe we shouldn't wait 2000 years for the next one, or cosmic energy, to enter into any biological matter and live on Earth because history repeats itself, that the next one, like a saviour, would perform his function with those resources that would exist for 2000 years. Meaning that, maybe the knifing that I survived and with those means that I have today? I don't see myself as Jesus, but a good man. With positive cosmic energy that I have in me.

Recognizing as a task that I need to guide humanity a little toward the positive side, and perhaps also save this world which has become quite wounded.

I wouldn't want to continue further! My theories end far beyond the cosmic. In that area of space-time, as people haven't even thought beyond dimensions or anti-time zones. What will come after and beyond the universe?

Just the same as e.g. they used to think the Earth was flat, and then it was discovered that the Earth was round. And so up to today they know almost nothing about the universe. But people don't dwell long on such things, because they know they have to go to work in the morning. And maybe, if they have the will in the evening to consider what jobs need to be done tomorrow, for if they didn't only think about that, they'd solve many things in that cosmic calculator.

I was inspired by the cosmic thinking of that man, now dear to me, after I saw that little by little his brain began to implement functions needed to work normally. Every day I create something positive in those brain cells, so that I would be pleased if this young man didn't need 15 years of struggle and suffering to obtain results and function normally again.

I'd like to help him with that, so we'll see! It all depends on him!

Soon I'll activate Star Wonder which will open the eyes of the human race bit by bit. And when I put my miracle on the website, a miracle that can be proven and also cannot be proven, I think that people will throw me into the nuthouse. Mostly, they won't nail me to a star, because of my goodness that I can't change to negative, as I have the most powerful star in the universe which would give its life for me and for which I would give my life and other means. You know what he said when he received new teeth from me, and God forbid I should need one, he'd give me one of his kidneys.

So you see how mature that thinking is, that he'd give more than he received as gratitude.

But what do I want to say by this?

There have always been people who've wanted to fix the world. One of them was Jesus. If he had today's resources such as television, cell phones and other communication means, especially the internet, everything would be different today (And some others like Martin Luther and Ghandi) . Neither should it happen that some stronger, and with the same mission and task of energy (the soul) be sent again into a biological, material, atomic being who would again try to create a Godlike human race.

This is constantly repeated in history. People should learn from history, but they don't.

All of you who don't want to understand or perhaps who want to remain that way, and with this prevent the path you would travel down with open eyes, that you see and realize what your mission and goal is in life.

I'm just one man who likes to help even though others wanted more. My life is still long, but I'm going to first help in this direction, to tell you that Albert Einstein (an inventor) was also a PISCES. There are a lot of them (inventors) such as: Nikola Tesla, and I think that most of them were born in Croatia. Is the reason for that the fact that Ludbreg is the center of the world or there's some other reason, I'll find out eventually.

And with another star I'll reveal the miracles in you, and uncover the hidden power that the universe has bestowed on all of you, because we are the universe and we function as a universe. Each of us was sent a cosmic energy in another system of planets or space-time, so that I'd like to find out for the purpose of science: What's happened to all that cosmic energy, all the souls that were sent on the same day, at the same hour, same minute and second they were born in the world?

Those people can be scientifically examined further, analyze and research their lives to discover the following factors of importance in life, e.g. in which circumstances those people grew up and what conditions did they have, that they became different.

How much and in what way are they different, and if the destiny of each person followed the same and actual direction.

Today, March 30 th . What a coincidence!

(two 3's) I allowed emotions (the universe) and fate (lifetime path) and the wondrous trio (situations, conversation) to lead me like a cosmic map to results or goals.

I wrote to you in my SMS (in response to yours) that I don't have time and I'm at the Zagreb Fair. I experienced an exceptionally unique day full of wonders. For my own good I knew how to read, recognize and interpret everything that happened like a map. There's a lot written in the book on Pisces. That day I did many nice things; because I'm an artistic egoist, and that's how they function, by making others happy I make myself happy. Do you remember when I was looking to hire a head secretary? The reason was that when I was looking for a secretary in the ads, I took into account that we were in a relationship and that you could be jealous if she was young and attractive. I chose an older person of 50, but after your X SMS I changed my mind. I think I've found her today, the third time's the charm. She was the third S.

Which was sensational and unique. Just as my Tomislav, that one «EVE», out of all of them that I asked until now (you know my 3 questions), she answered the first question in a way that I never heard from an «EVE» until now. We'll get to that but lets first go from the beginning.

I was looking for a head secretary. There were several here in the last couple of days and I had talks with some of them out of the office so I was pretty disappointed because it was all really frivolous. It wasn't working on the basis of the ads so I told myself: I'll take my fate into my own hands. I got ready, even though I was really worn out lately from writing this email and because of this I look terrible – really tired and with bags under my eyes. But I still decided to go to the Zagreb Fair, to the Transport show. I wasn't surprised that there were not many visitors, and that was fine for me. I had more possibilities and time to have longer conversations with people and to get to know the people that I needed for very important things (and I have a lot of needs). When passing systematically through the Fair, so I wouldn't miss anything, I came to a stand with a gorgeous blonde girl that I knew from before. I had a really interesting conversation with her. I was exceptionally pleased that she asked for advice after 15 minutes. In that moment I liked her 100 times more. It was about a job in Germany for Ducatti motors, where she was supposed to be photographed on a motorcycle. In that area I was able to give her advice and answers in hundreds of directions. Especially since I know those people very well. I had a lot of business with them in 1995 when the entire Ducatti team, with the world champion and the leading people of Ducatti were in Zagreb. They came for the promotion of my energy drink where the Power horse celebration was.


Email record

And your cousin A. knows this because she was a power horse girl.

How can I describe this girl, this sex bomb on a motorcycle to you?

She's really a bomb (like in a croatian song “She's tha bomb”), especially on that motorcycle where her picture will be taken. That motor, billboard or calendar will be a bestseller..

She's very dear to me because she's an good and intelligent person. When it comes to her career, she will make it even without me. But if she needs help, I'll help her.

She made it very far by herself since she's a wanted and photographed model in Europe, but I still want her to be photographed in the entire world.

I didn't go to the fair just to look for a secretary, but just as you know, attractive and smart girls for my project. They are the smartest on those technical fairs, and that is why it was exhilarating to go into that adventure. They have to be perfect because the fair is perfect.

I was totally disappointed on the fair «Days of fashion and beauty». It was a disaster! On the fair, and I don't want any of you to get mad at, the girls were 50% artificial or fake, basically unoriginal because almost everything on them was fake: eyelashes, nose, lips, breasts (push-up or silicon), hair extensions, wrong skin color (a new trend – spray on), with basically too much make up which to me looked like clowns. Maybe some people like this, but I definitely don't. I don't know why you try so hard to be more attractive to “ADAMS” or special when they don't notice any of the things you have done for them. (example in a Croatian ad of Žuja - new packaging of Ožujsko beer - Žuja's law no. 11 - man notice only the important stuff) They only think «Man, that costs». I don't go looking for some professional person or intelligence in that kind of fair. Basically, out of all of them, I could have chosen only one that would suite my more demanding projects. It's not about, like you women think, the more you have on the more beautiful (original) you are. No. Originality is in being natural. This is the greatest beauty of all.

I recommend a movie that is now in third place, because I already recommended two already, and this one was playing on Easter. The name of the movie is „Love is blind“. A man should learn how to look at a woman through that movie. If you didn't see the movie, borrow it in the video store and you'll understand how I look at you, women. I personally think that the movie carries a lot of valuable lessons for better understanding between sexes. The words told to the best friend of a hypnotized man, from the hypnotizer himself were: “The brain sees what the heart wants“.

Another three excellent movies were shown the same evening and the following was miraculous. It was an airplane accident which a boy recognized through – miraculous visions. It gave him the opportunity to save himself and a few others from death. I will again mention the above stated movie. The above stated boy, who senses disasters says: “Final destination 1“. The movie showed what could happen when someone tricks fate. There were enough true events just like that. The third movie was: „Bodyguard“. I assume most people saw that movie. I was especially impressed when Whitney said to Kevin when they first met: „You don't look like a bodyguard“. He answered: „It's just a mask“.

Now you can see a commercial for Alfa Romeo where I mostly like the part, towards the end, where it says: „The heart is always right“.

Every one of you is beautiful in your own way. You don't do this for yourself, especially to such extents. I understand that you, for the reason of being attractive to men, even though you were not born this way try to be ideal as much as possible to them. But there are other ways to attract men instead of using make up. You know that! I am talking about scents!

Its strange that I didn't sense any perfumes on any of you «EVES» on the fair. And I know perfumes and I have a good sense of smell. I know, from experience, that Adams have a „Top list“ of after shaving colognes and perfumes. They are from hypnotic to irresistible. It is the same with you Eves. On the fair of Navigation and Sports which was earlier, there are also smart women and this is where I met you. I don't mean met because I knew you from before, but this is second time we met. Not to repeat myself, you were the third.

Guys think that the girls on the Fair of Beauty are the most beautiful, but they don't look at you the way I do. I had a few business and interesting conversations and in one moment I noticed one «EVE». I think that my eyes froze on her. She stood 20 meters away from me in that moment.

She was talking to some people so I had a telephone conversation in the background while waiting for here be alone, but after a while I decided to go on.

I came to one stand, but not from the front, but from the side since the „sheep dogs“ that were looking over the „sheep“ were standing in front. It was like I came in through the back door. On that stand, behind the bar, were 3 shining stars ready for film. Two blonde angels and one Guardian of the Underworld. When coming into their life and after a short while, their eyes shone so much that I almost had to put on my sun glasses. I want to explain something else with this. I noticed that they really liked the conversation we were having. In that conversation I again had my 3 questions and already on the first: BINGO! For the first time I heard an answer to the question: « What can you do the best in your life?». T., which was sitting in the middle answered: «LOVE!!!»

I was so surprised and out of it because with this, she came inside me deeper and stronger than any root. So much that for now I would say she is No. 1. You answered me, and don't take this the wrong way, that you can dance (my first question to everybody is: what is the best you can do or know in your present life? What did you learn or get as life experience?). I believe the world would be more interested in her opinion, for example: how can she love the best and what does she give to be able to say that. Maybe there is some secret that she would want the rest of you to know and in that way help you all “EVES”. I am already so impatient that I sit with here and have a long, long conversation about what she could do to contribute to a book of mine, this email record. This email record is the book of all books! This electronic book has many, many books which I wanted to write. For example, one title where T. would fit right in would be: «HOW TO ACHIEVE ETERNAL AND HARMONIOUS LOVE?»

After I left to work, I was left with 2 angels: T. and K. After looking into the eyes of K., in which I almost fell in love because they were like my home, the most beautiful blue color in dark blue shades and so much cleanliness that I could see the bottom of the deepest part of the Pacific ocean ten thousand meters deep.

After this bombastic answer from T., I started looking more into here eyes and their depth. It was very hard for me to look away from K's eyes. After such a wonderful answer from T., I started talking about my email record. I explained to here that it is a book of all books in electronic form because there is no book that could take so many pages. I explained that I have to beat a record of 200,000 pages. T. asked how much time that would take. I told her: „About 7 years more or less. It depends on how I feel“.

They both couldn't believe it, but then I mentioned to them that I could, in this book of all books, combine hundreds of my other books that I wanted to write in this one book. Then I gave them titles as an example: «A million questions for Eve, a million answers for Adam», «A million ways to win over Eve's heart», «Secrets of the Pisces from the deep waters», «Love is stronger than ethics», «A million problems in love and a million answers», «A million love problems and understanding them», here I told them that that is a completely different subject and book and the title would be «How to see love from all sides? » and finally, like I already mentioned: «How to achieve eternal harmonious love? »

After I told them the first and second title, T. also went to work because they were hostesses and only K. was left. After she heard all of the subjects and titles of all of the books, and in the meantime T. and I. returned. Continuing the conversation, after a while I asked them if they would give me their telephone numbers. Momentarily and with such speed which I would never expect, they started writing their telephone numbers. One of them was so touched by this conversation that she got confused and in that moment, se wrote my number on a paper and when they were giving the numbers to me, she gave me the paper where she wrote my number. This isn't funny but normal because this has been happening for a while now. For example, in the book PISCES, under the annual horoscope for 2007, for February (this was our beginning): «Venus in their sign will give PISCES an unusual attractiveness and charm. They will get attention wherever they go and they will like this. Single PICES (which I was at the moment) will easily win over and break hearts. They should just be careful that they don't fall in love themselves while playing this game.» There you see, that was that (then I didn't have this book yet so I fell in love with you).

You came into my life and this happened to me. I wrote to you in my SMS record on us meeting at the time. «You will find yourself in a situation where you can choose between several people. Don't let your decision be based on looks only.» Maybe I should write that I fell head over heels in love, so you would believe what has happened to me. What did I want to tell you with this?

I wanted to tell you that happened to me many times, since I follow and experience the environment differently. Here are a few examples: I walk into a bakery and I normally ask the girl to give me this, this, and this. When I come home, I realize that she came me completely wrong things. I even pointed to what I wanted. The girl was, because of my presence, deep into her thoughts.

The second situation was in a tobacco shop. One beautiful young blonde gave me back 100 kunas more than she should have. I gave it back to her and told her «to concentrate when working». It was my fault because I unintentionally asked her something when she was returning my money.

If you're interested, I could give you a lot of similar examples. It's probably because you women are like cats, and you know me. Since I know how to enjoy a nice conversation with an interesting topic with the most concentration and positive feelings, the conversation at the Fair with the two angels and the Guardian of the underworld lasted for 20 minutes. Until the one of the managers came and asked what I want since I was there for already 20 minutes. The girls had a happy face and a glare in their eyes when they said they had a great time talking. I told him that I don't want to buy any of his vans, but I could make a commercial for him that could help him sell more than he ever sold before:

In short, I told him that I am the manager of Croatia's strongest man that could pull, with his teeth, tied to a 3 ton van, with another tied to each hand and push another with his back. This means that he would be moving 4 at the same time. I explained that the above stated could be seen on my web site under the record star. I emphasized that I also have other unbelievable alternatives to the performance. He answered: “interesting!” and with that he got my third visit card.

In the beginning I put 3 cards in my pocket. One was given to the first star that I met, the second I gave to a business man I knew, and the third was maybe the lucky one. So we will see if it will be his good luck!

I headed back, with frozen eyes, to the girl and I came to the exhibition space from which I left because I knew she wouldn't get away from me. She had an exceptional hairstyle and hair like a mermaid, which I can say I never saw before in Croatia. Before I left, I saw her height and attractive body. I can say it was almost perfection for me because she was wearing tight jeans and a tight black top. So I came to the exhibition space and stood in front of a large billboard and looked at it. She approached me. There were several large pictures on the billboard where real beauties had technical things in their hands and were supposedly working with them. They were cleaning machines. I looked at that billboard differently than other men would look because I think I am way too hygienic. Hygiene and cleanliness are one of the more important things in life, not like what I said to her when I pointed my finger at the billboard. She looked at it. I said: «Look at what these babes are selling! ». «Yes!» she said, but all the other guys that were standing there asked if they would get one of the babes if they bought the machine. I wasn't surprised when she noticed and understood that I think differently than others. And this is when she offered me a seat, to have something to drink and have a little talk. But she didn't know what I really thought and saw when I looked at that billboard.

Through the eyes of a male 3 or more versions of this billboard could be explained. First – cleanliness, second – babes are selling stuff: machines, perfume, tires, or anything else. Third – the way men look at it, can you be bought? If I pay, I want it all. (the one and the other)

There, my thoughts are going all over the place. I work and then I notice and listen to music in the background, and most of these songs talk about love. This song says that love is like a drug, and that is the only drug for me. For others it's oxygen and so on. What do I mean with this?

Write to me, because I would be very interested in what is love like to you?

I will start a competition in Croatia to get an answer on – – to the question: what is love and what do you think can be compared to love. I will reward the three best answers.

What am I trying to say?

Love this, love that or „Leibe macht blind“ – which means: love makes us blind.

I want to say, for example: eyes and the difference in eyes between your eyes and the eyes of T. who gave me the BINGO answer. There is a big difference. This angelic face has those beautifully created eyes and everything else I will tell you make this original facial expression. The eyes are brown like a field. I planted seeds on that field with conversation and will get the fruits in the Spring. Those fruits were the shine in here eyes when I told here that she was, like the only «EVE» until now, that answered the question I asked here with – love. Not only did she show me magnificent joy, but through those eyes, deep inside here, in the life energy, the universe that was crying with joy, I saw hope.

Is there a word stronger than happiness?

The answer has 4 letters.

The following competition: only one answer is possible (one word). I will give motivation for thinking. The reward is a cellular phone. Send your answers and thoughts to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Surely there is no stronger feeling than the one that T. had that moment. This feeling, which could be measured if I was able to divide it through the last 9 days and nights that I was writing this and been able to strengthen it through the day when I had other important work. I filled up my «batteries» that were emptied out from the above stated from her feeling. (emptyed by everything mentioned above)

And more, because the shine of the eyes of these three stars and others that I met on the fair that day and talked to, to make them happy, I saw in happiness in their souls by looking into their eyes. That's why I can say that I have an EYE FETISH. And your eyes are... well, I already said what their like. A guy could just fall in love with them.

I could live with the fact that I will look into them through your career. I wanted to tell you, through these various examples, how important eyes are in various moments. Just like you can see that your sister is sad by here eyes. Here eyes are then completely different than when she is happy.

I repeat, I want to see your eyes when you're angry.

Now let me return to the third, meaning which girl was supposed to get the third card. Like I said before, too little was said, because I should say my queen or my lioness (because the lion is the king of the jungle). The strongest and biggest cat. I directly asked her one question during the conversation: would she want to be my secretary. Based on our conversation, she accepted. In this short time filled with important information, I asked her what here horoscope sign was and she told me LEO. I should have known. I don't know what I was thinking, but I am absolutely sure that she will be ideal for everything coming in the future for my project, and especially for the BOOK OF ALL BOOKS.

A 28, not a 50 year old LEO, mature, ambitious, decisive, and full of desires, gets the chance to show what the stars have in store for her. Basically, this is the most ideal thing that could happen for my projects. It was fate. I told her that she was in the right place at the right time, right where I was, especially since she likes working like I do. I am absolutely sure that she is the RIGHT ONE. Chosen or not, we will see.

You don't have to be jealous because there is no reason for that. You wrote in your X-SMS that there is another person in your life. You thought that you would be able to „dump“ him, but you realized that this person means a lot to you and that you still want to be with this person (you cheated on him with me or what does cheating mean to you?). After that sentence came this: «Other than that, you said that you love me and I don't believe that» etc. Before that it was: «You see, the thing is that I am momentarily ready to know you any better, and maybe I don't want to. You said that you want me to be honest, se there... ». But wait, I said that long before, after we kissed and started a relationship (I would also like to know what you consider the beginning of a relationship). Why weren't you so honest right in the beginning? To tell me that you have somebody else and that you would want to „dump“ him and get to know me?

Basically it was a moment, and a moment that was way due, with your X SMS for you to tell me that I want you to be honest and then you tell me: «I'm still young I some things you like, I simply don't, and I just didn't have the chance to tell you that I have someone» etc. Do you want me to remind you, in the hour, how much time you had to tell me that?

What I mean is that in your X SMS there are things that I can't believe, and I usually believe everything. If I were to tell you right now my opinion on your complete behavior in „our relationship“ from the day we met to your X SMS, you definitely wouldn't feel good.

I consider this the best moment to tell you and all „Eves“ what I have learned and recognized in my life so far: more beauty means more bad manners.

For example, in Opatija, many years ago, I met a beautiful 32 year young Russian woman. I spent seven days with her and I showed here the entire Adriatic and all of my male powers towards here as an «EVE». After 7 days, she wanted to start living with me and asked me to come to Russia with her and share with her the wealth she inherited. We were in Zagreb, I remember that I told her 10 things about what I thought of her faults and bad manners. She said that that's the way I am, and I got used to it. I told her then that she should immediately change or she will never be happy with anyone. Especially because she thinks that happiness is only in money. Her greatest shortcoming was her greed.

I won't say too many bad things about her now, but I bought her dinner (my friend was there and was fascinated by her beauty), on the most beautiful Opatija terrace where you can see the lights over all of Rijeka. We ordered fish. Every one of these pieces of fish that we started eating was huge and she forked a fish and brought a tiny piece to her mouth… She put that piece in her mouth, chewed it, and dinner was done for her.

I asked her: „You don't like the fish?“. „No, the fish is fantastic“, she answered. „But you know, I don't eat that much!“ I found this answer ridiculous because shortly before that, when we were looking through the menu she asked „Is this fish big enough?“ I figured that she was really hungry. In another way, I fulfilled her appetite in 7 days, so she decided she would buy me (like a gold fish). This couldn't work out so I drove her to the airport in Krk after the seven days we spent together. The sex appeal of this gorgeous, blue eyed creature almost blinded me. Again my mature thoughts and my life experience with so many women proved to me that I – a great PISCES, cannot be caught with such a small bite (like that fish from the romantic dinner). Nor will I swim in money with her.

Therefore, before she left, I told her what I thought of her character and let her know that I am not like other men and that I especially wouldn't be able to get used to her. (maybe for a while, but that wouldn't make any sense).

Don't get me wrong, but this was an example to show you what I could say about your character. Look, there are some things that I just don't understand. So, you had a boyfriend and you were here with me where we had a really long conversation. Before that we knew each other for 2 weeks and I spent hours and hours talking on the phone with you. If you only knew how many cellular phones „croaked“ because of those long conversations so I had to put my card in other phones. You really got to know me that well to be able to tell me, when you were sitting on the sofa with me, that you have a boyfriend. In that conversation where I opened my heart to you, your heart decided and we joined like a plus and minus to go through a period of time where we could learn about our feelings together. And what are those feelings? You know exactly what I am talking about!

I now, after your X SMS, am no longer interested in getting to know the person you really are. I am so sorry, especially because of your eyes. Don't think about, because you have a boyfriend, what I am doing and writing with my queen or lioness every night. Or with any other person.

That's not important to you anymore, or is it?

From the bottom of my heart I want to teach you through this email, even though you might stop reading it, but this record will be on Star Records and I will precisely check how many pages and how many words are in the present record and what the subject is. And knowing me, I won't give up on breaking any record in the world (that are to my knowledge breakable, and make sense).

This is what I want to teach you: if you make up your mind on something and you take hold of it and bring it into your heart, then don't give up on it.

From my ex love (who lived with me three years) all the way to you. Between that I had plenty of girls that I didn't play with, but simply tested for one of my projects – better functioning between couples. This project is for your own good and later in this email it will be precisely described. „What?“

Believe in everything!

That is what I also said to Tomislav who later pushed a boat (the largest boat of Jadrolinija), and he didn't believe he could!

I notice in the background a song who's words talk about a lot of changes in (my) life, but you stay in my memory forever. I have had a lot of them in my life and I have forgiven them many times. I have started with them again, after more or less break-ups, but I know that the only Eve in this world that could write that book „One million questions for Adam, one million answers to Eve“ would be Liz Taylor. She is also a PISCES. She didn't change as much men as I have women, but surely she could write that thick book with all that life experience. I would like to teach you to see the opinions of people through other people's young age. With maybe another example, because as in this song, I have change a lot in my life. They are eternally in me and therefore unforgettable.

The other of my three relationships was in my younger days when I was living in Germany. It started the same day after the break-up of the first. That day I broke up with my big, and at the time my greatest love and I had to take my mind off of her. I went out that evening to Munchen to a disco called „East Side“. There was disco music playing and the best babes of Munchen were there. That time, I went into the most popular disco, took my drink, and sat on a speaker. This made me a little elevated from the dance floor. There was a whole crowd of people dancing in front of me so I started looking around for something interesting. Sitting on that speaker, I saw a some girls in front of me out of which one caught my eye. I would normally say that she wasn't my type sine I prefer blondes and she was dark haired. In that moment I didn't know how long I would be with here. She had high heeled sandals, tight jeans, and a tight white shirt that was showing everything. She was dancing with a friend and I took such a good look at her that even in that darkness, I saw here toes and nails that really attracted me because they were so sexy.

I started looking at here from the place I was sitting from here toe nails to here hair, especially when she completely turned towards me. I saw one braided, leather, white track on here forehead. When she looked into my eyes I thought I saw the most beautiful Indian in the world. I liked her so much that I raised my hand between my eyes and her eyes and used my finger to tell her to come to me. I could have waved my whole hand at her but that would be too obvious in the disco. She stopped looking at me and continued dancing with her friend. After the song finished which (I later found out) she loved, her friend left and she came to me.

It's like I can still see her in front of me. A small, sweet, Indian girl who then asked me: «Who do you think you are calling me over like that?». And I answered «I'm the one that will make you the happiest!». It was like I was reading from your eyes. She then asked me: «Can you prove that to me?». I answered: «Whenever you want!». I usually don't have the habit of sitting on speakers, but that night it was fate that I sat on that speaker.

I could tell all guys, and I've notice this, that the best place in the disco is always close to the girls bathroom because every «EVE» has to go there at least once a night. Here, if the «ADAM» is smart and careful, can catch the easier „fishes“. You have no idea how many guys would be interested in what position, with what hook and bait to do this for the most success. Well there are a lot of ways. That's how I did it with my Indian, out of curiosity. Especially in Germany because then, in the 80's, the sexual revolution started. In the 80's the women were extremely advanced and then was completely different than today.

She then told me that she's just going to follow her friend out and then we could go. I have never thought about a girl or women that I met and the same night went to bed with her what you women thing. You wouldn't go to bed with a man the first night because we „Adams“ would then think that you are sluts. In my life that were some that I had the first night, and some after then second or third date. By then we could have talked a lot over the phone, got to know each other better and then got to know each other better in other dimensions. That other dimension, love, is sex or the act of love. I would have never thought that the „Indian“ was an easy girl. Not even if she, on the way to my love nest, opened my fly and started something. I wouldn't even then think of her as a slut but that I was attractive to her that she couldn't wait to start the foreplay. Without wasting any time, there was enough of that as well in my life.

But in our case it was a nice, pleasant conversation where we exchanged a lot of information. Where she worked, what I do, and other basic things. On that trip, I asked her if she would like to go to another disco or to a real party. Her instant answer was: „I want to go where you can make me the happiest“. We spoke the same language. We wanted each other so much! After our decision that we were going to go to my apartment, I started a brief conversation on her wished concerning making love. I couldn't find out much because we were already at my place. We went through the door and hall and she instantly went to the bathroom. After she entered to place that I already described, just as all the others, she laid down on the love nest as soon as she saw it. She stretched out, and just like the two cats I already mentioned, she found her place and nested into it. I was then 20 and she was 25. She was a successful young business woman and she knew exactly what she wanted. Along with romantic lights, scents, and a few lighted candles, music, Champaign, I started something that neither me, nor her will never forget in our lifes.

Not such a long time ago, between my ex and you, I met the „Indian“ again. She confirmed what I already knew and much more. The first time as well. All together 25 years have passed and 4 years before, between my ex wife and my ex love, like the first and second in my present time, we met again. This means we met every time I was single. Then, after we were together for 3 years, she confirmed to me that I was her best, like it says in the book – professor and teacher and that she strictly followed what I taught her and this made her as happy as she could be.

I'll tell you in short: with her 25 years where she changed, like she said to me, a lot of men, she experienced her first orgasm. I held to what I said and sent her then to cloud nine (later to 999). She didn't tell me then that it was her first orgasm, but she said she wanted to be with me and that kind of seriousness doesn't have to be proved or shown to me.

Just as I asked her what she wants to prove to me, she answered: «I have a boyfriend I live with. He has been living in my apartment for 5 years.»

I then asked her: «And?». It was about 4 in the morning and she answered: «Tomorrow or today we are going to my place and I'll tell my boyfriend that you are my new boyfriend and for him to get out of my apartment. With this I will end our 5 year relationship».

I told her that there is nothing more I want in my life than to show her that she will be happier with me. That night we had a great time and met even better. The next day, I believe, was a great and an unforgettable day for her. She did what she said she will do (from what I saw, the guy was dark, tall, and very good-looking). This showed me that she honored honesty and that this wasn't only for one night but that she really wanted to be with me. And this is how I had the most exciting with the most changes, and then the most passionate, interesting, and most beautiful relationship.

What did I love about her the most?

EVERYTHING! I would emphasize hygiene, nice body, and a great interest for the science of the human body. Her reward is that she now looks 20 years younger.

All of my stars in relationships bloomed as much as possible like roses when they were with me. I gave them all they needed and real life energy.

Any book that I started to read in my life, I couldn't close it before I got to the end. I would always get very involved with books, but never like this because I'm writing this one. This book will make me an addict. I'm already addicted and I'm just at the beginning. I have the subject for this book and two more that will probably follow this one. Imagine that one book is from my past and the second two are from my future. Between these books I have to make a gap of 45 years. And that's that. I will try to live 150 years without any pain or disease. In South America I will make «Galaxy-stars opening 33 stars»- if the interest (currency) won't be larger elsewhere.

Just describing that heaven of nature would fill up many pages. And I will, because nobody would believe what happened to me there a few months ago.

One country, for example, could be quickly fixed. Just like Croatia, it doesn't function as it should. After I filled myself with energy as fuel in that heaven that other people don't see, especially those that live there, I left. But after coming to Croatia 14 years ago, everything was unbelievable. After I was born in Zagreb, my mother moved me to Germany when I was eight. I came back to my birthplace. I had an aunt that was 90 years old and that had a lot of life experience in Croatia that I was lacking. While I was waiting to get my Croatian passport after handing in my Yugoslavian one, my aunt told me a lot of things. About what was going on here, sometimes going from rage to tears, like an overblown air mattress that is blown up through a valve. Already during the beginning of the stories I decided I should help. I am the same way now as I was then.

She was my first mother. The one that I lived with from age 1 to 8. I really understood and felt this old aunt. She went deep into my feelings and body. That women went through 3 wars and then finished up with: a too small pension. She cursed the government every day, especially Nikica Valentić and people that lived here. She used to make nice money and she respected and fulfilled all of her responsibilities: she paid her pension fund, health fund, taxes, etc, but she wasn't the least satisfied with life even though she enough money saved.

I won't go on with this text because you'll start crying. It would be even worse when I would write to you everything that has happened to me here so far.

I won't complain to you now about everything that I went through. I was full of life energy so that even two knife stabs couldn't kill me which was amazing: one stab between the heart and lungs and the other somewhere in the heart. The surgeon that saved me couldn't believe it. After I woke up after the operation, he said this: «any other man wouldn't survive this, you have the heart of an ox». I told him: «you see me as a man, but that's just a mask. I am an ox and my heart is a PISCES». I didn't want to go on explaining that Pisces is eternal love and that love cannot be destroyed.

I was more white than chalk then because I lost almost three liters of blood.

Let me just mention that one year before the stabbing in the heart, I hope that I'm not boring you, I felt the first knife in my body like a strike in the back. While catching my breath in a fight, I felt something dripping down my back. I but my hand on that part of the back, saw blood and ran to the closest hospital. I was surprised that I wasn't spitting blood because the lungs are usually in that spot. I quickly laid down on the operating table where the doctor stopped the bleeding and started cleaning the wound from the inside. After he recognized he stab wound he said: «the knife that wounded you went right between the lungs and heart. If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe it. You must really believe in God». I answered: «God is in me and in all of us, but I call him the universe. He is above all and I believe in him because I see him just like you see that wound». I recovered from the stab wound 3 days later. It was 13 cm deep and 3,5 cm wide and I again started enjoying swimming just like a fish.

I left the hospital where I was because of the wound 7 days later. I went to the jungle to my „friend“ at the end of the world. There I ran through a large part of heaven there within one hour and I said to myself – there is no hospital here. Lets see if miracles are perfect and if God's hand made and perfected it. If anything happens, I'll stay in this heavenly part of the universe. I was almost 32 years old.

You know that a short while ago humanity learned to look at the earth as round rather than a board (our knowledge of the universe is at the beginning just like my book), so you shouldn't laugh at the chosen individuals that have the gift of predicting time more or less. For example: inventors. I consider myself one of them, so I have to defend them from your laughter.

Imagine if somebody said 150 years ago that in 150 years a metal bird will fly, without waving its wings, and transport 550 people thousands of kilometers away, 1000 km/h.

We are all aware that this person would be laughed at. Didn't you stop laughing when you stopped using a fork made of bone and sleeping on a bed of hay? Lets not forget that you're not using a torch anymore either. There is a saying- «Today's lie is tomorrows truth». Fight against it, or laugh at this phrase “the one who laughs the last, laughs the sweetest”. That saying is my favorite and if anybody knows a better one, even its made up, I will reward the inventor.

But let us get back after this little information to another question: «If we are a micro cosmos, and the Earth is a speck of dust in the Milky Way, there are thousands of such galaxies in one flock and in other parts of the universe. What is behind the universe?». I won't tell you how many letters it has, but one word is Spanish. That word comes, and now let me help you, before the words «... without time».

The third question is about Croatia. The word POMOC (HELP)!

Now listen, you know the answer because I told you, but ask somebody you know - see if anybody can find the fundament in three letters. I don't think anybody in Croatia saw the fundament of that word pomoc (help) through those three letters, so I will open their eyes for them because I was born in Croatia, in Zagreb, March 3, 1961 and not in Las Vegas. Maybe I was supposed to be born here, because only in the Croatian language does that word has 3 important letters (like a pointer to the goal). The reason could be that it doesn't exist in other languages. Don't look at me like I'm stuck up because I'm always saying: «Me this, me that!». So you can ask them and then open their eyes. If they didn't see if before, they will later. The third person that you ask, if they notice it, I would love to give them a cellular phone and a 100 kuna bon. Maybe it would be better that I give it to you, so I can call you on it, since you keep on forgetting yours somewhere. I wanted to give it to you on the opening of Pasha, but you didn't want to come (and I told you the day before that I would give it to for that reason.

«You should see the recordings I have from the opening of Pasha! »

That evening again something happened that was written in my monthly horoscope – I met a friend from the past, started a pleasant conversation and exchanged rich experience.

Therefore something happened that was written in the horoscope. He came with two girls out of which I know one well. The second thing: a good man that I am close with told me that he will give me the most unbelievable thing: a description of what happened to him with «EVE» or «EVES».

If you got lost somewhere in my love letter because I was writing all over the place, you can feel free to send me an email and tell me what you are interested in. You might learn something.

The most entertaining thing for me was when 5-6 «Eves» where discussing life and love in a few TV shows. The show was called, If I'm not mistaken: „True stories“. Your subjects and opinions about subjects that mean a lot to me showed me again how well I know you. When I was watching this, my greatest wish was to sit in the show among you. The «Eves» would be surprised with the subjects and questions that I would bring into the show. What still hasn't happened can still happen. I mentioned before that I think that the book «A million questions for Eve, a million answers for Adam» could be written by Alka Vuica. I personally see her as a modern woman or an evolutionarily understandable «Eve». We would like it if every one of you «Eves», understand us for what we are because you are so different. I want you to understand no teacher ever fell from the sky.

I read few books in my life until now, and they were chosen by me by importance. I have analyzed them, remembered what I didn't know, and especially entertaining things (I remember priorities because I can't remember it all). I would recommend to you and especially to «Adams» a book. Its called: „Men in bed“ (literature for beginners or youth). In it Montaigne says: «Sexual pleasures are, by my opinion, the only real bodily pleasures.» He is absolutely right. I would give him the highest points possible for that wisdom.

Now listen to my wisdom: «Skill is to satisfy spacylike». I usually look at it in all aspects of life. The above stated book has a very illuminating, interesting, and humoristic style. I will put the really good stuff on my Love Star on my site. I have to include some things that I have been mentioning the entire time and that scientists are proving.

«SEX is the most important thing (after HELP) in the world!»

The majority of sexologists, physiologists and Erwin Hoberle claims: «The brain if the most significant sexual organ». Even those men are poor because they probably don't know much. For brain processing I use a lot of other organs or senses. For example: eyes-because I am very visually orientated, ears-to hear how and how much they are enjoying it, smell – so I can smell her, senses of the body for her warmth and a much more for the most important thing to function. (I call him Junior but from now on I will call him Rocket). In the following text I will write why these names and how they came to be in my mind. It will be followed by deep feelings but all of this is still to little. But its better than nothing, so I would recommend it to all «Adams».

For me, the worst love making is in the dark. For me its just a «screw» without any meaning (my entire life I have been talking to individuals, boys, without light: „Every cat is grey in the dark“ (translated from German). Second: for me, in the dark, I can just as well put a dead but still warm pig in bed. I bet it's the same. Third: I could also put a silicon doll in bed. Do you want a few pictures of such dolls? Today's models look and groan better than the real thing. And you can order it with a super narrow „universe“. I never had such a doll, nor a dead pig or a grey cat. Because my ambient out of that reason is romantic lighting.

The next thing would be: I would recommend to Adams: if their second organ, the ear, is next, then they should try come up with something interesting or nice to say to their loved one before they come. Especially before she comes. With this they would realize that they would be getter you universe more often.

If men where such great lovers like they say, women wouldn't even have the time to comb their hair. (This is a sentence from the book „Man in bed“)

Well there, if I can give «Adams» advice, I can also, in accordance with this, also give «Eves» advice of and example that if men talk so much (I don't want to go into my deep Pisces secrets), but for example let him say what he wants to do to you. Let him get it all out before sex. Then you can decide if you are sure that his knowledge is enough to satisfy your thoughts and body (physical reactions, feelings) and you can decide whether you want it. It is especially important, before it happens, to talk about it. Basically you can add yourself what you would want along with what he said. If your request would be fulfilled, then I don't know what you would have to wait for. This is my advice on what the „Adams“ should do. Women should at least pretend to feel a lot more than they actually do. What does this mean?

If the «Adam» does what he said he would and fulfills his „commitment“, then you, even though you are not completely satisfied, have to show more than real pleasure and what is more important, show him how to completely satisfy you. Women are wiser then men because they know less and understand more! Or like George Fitzhugh: «Her weakness is her strength and she is really skillful in developing and increasing those weaknesses. »

The whole time I am telling you that your fantasies, wishes or dreams are in your hands or in other biological organs and that you are the power because of this. But you don't know how to manage the above stated. If you knew how to manage this, what is developing faster and faster would not be happening. That «Adams» start having fun with other «Adams» (and this is not natural). A good example connected to violence from that book is: «Respect women, because that is what your mother is!»

I wouldn't hit my «Eves» to punish them, because I don't punish him. I just shut them off of a nice game called «sexual addiction». They abstinated until they understood, and it didn't take a lot of time for them to understand. I punished myself with this too. One famous journalist said something right in my category: «It is possible to love strongly, truly, deeply, and long. That does not also mean forever. Men and Women usually don't agree with this».

One reason why I am writing this email to you is for you to understand as well as „Adams“. When „Adams“ read this on the Internet they will start to understand. Again you are the ones that can achieve this. Because maybe they won't believe what I'm writing. And the entire time I am telling „Adams“ what she is saying; a woman can keep a secret, she has been raised like that forever. Men are the ones that say a lot of things in company. As well as the things that he should keep to himself.

Guys, keep your intimate secretes to yourselves. Its smarter to be secretive rather to say everything and have her get mad at you. Then you won't be able to enjoy yourself in her «universe» (or be with her).

I hope that the „Eves“ that I've mentioned won't be angry.

I remember a book where it said that two friends met and one starts bragging to the other that he's confused why his girlfriend left him: „Yesterday I came four times.“. The other asked him: „How many times did she come?“. The first answered: „I have no idea“. The other says: „Well then I'm not surprised that she left you“.

Just like the respected lady Žuži Jelinek said: «It would be great if all men were gentle, handsome, interesting, and rich, but that's not reality. »

A lot of my ex loves stated that with me, they felt like they got the jackpot. Many of them didn't believe, but they saw and many didn't know how to pick up the „award“. My ex, K. recognized this after six months and told me but she still didn't know how to pick up the award.

I remember a joke. A really good looking man asked his love to marry him. She says to him: «Only under certain conditions» and he says: «Tell me darling, what are your conditions?» she answers: «If you have 20 million dollars on your bank account, if you have a mega yacht of 50 meters and if you have a 20 cm long penis.» he says: «Here, I have 50 million, I have a mega yacht longer than 50 meters, and if I can get your love with a 20 cm penis, I'll have 10 cm cut off! »

Well, ok, not all men are millionaires but I like what Žuži says: «Men admire femail humbleness, but they enjoy showing off with the woman that attracts attention with exceptional elegance.»

Do you remember when I told you over the phone, and this was three weeks before we met, that I have a present for you. You asked: : «Already?». I told you that it was just a sign of affection for Women's Day with is March 8th and that it's from the heart. It was a little thing, but I looked for it for a long time: 3 pairs of the craziest and most modern stockings. I like Žuži Jelinek's opinion because she was a famous stylist and person among journalists and columnists (Glorija as well). She was noticed, other than in fashion columns in questions related to „Eves and Adams“. Out of everything she said, I was most impressed with this: «Every woman can get a man, but only the real ones know how to keep him.»

I was really touched by her attitude and she came into my memory because I had a lot of them that had me more or less, but until now in my life, I didn't meet the right one that could keep me. I told a lot of them that I would want to be with them forever, but it was all up to them. Good for that woman, because she says what I am saying to you, and I will explain it a lot more. She also says: „There are wonderful men that should be respected and loved. It's the easiest to conquer a man for one night, for a short adventure, but it is the hardest to keep him for all time.“

„Some admit to «Eves»: «Isn't it usually their fault when their husbands aren't ideal?»

That's why I say: «Be good, don't nag him all the time and you will rediscover the meaning of love!“. These are the words of Žuži Jelinek with who I absolutely agree.

It's like here words came right out of my mouth since I'm a man and men don't like it when they are nagged since everything they do they do it for you. Because of that, a lot of women's magazines have articles for «Eves» where they get all the necessary advice. In Glorija advice is given by Magda Weltrusky which has very interesting opinions and answers, for example a question for „Eve“: «What do men really like?»

Her answer to that question is: «Men actually love themselves. Right after that its us, but between themselves and „after that“ is a wide space of which we know nothing about! The large amounts of physiological literature gives us only partial answers. Our partner is full of secrets that he himself often doesn't understand.»

This young «Eve» would have gotten another answer from me, but if you are asking yourself where did I get my large amount of physiological literature, well here, just read my sms record.

Other than that, I would agree with the answer.

There are a lot of interesting questions from «Eves», depending on who is giving them the answer. Since I consider that these questions are very important, I have given “questions” a star (on my web site) which I have decided will be important and there will be questions about everything in life.

I am glad you have a strong will for this huge love and physiological literature, but you will need a lot of time to read it. Just like you need to get satisfied in bed. This means that the better you read it, the better you will be satisfied. You can bring in my strongest game: WINNINGS. You will get it from «Adams» because you have the currency, and that's what matters. And think of what you would gain when you would write in magazines that you are absolutely satisfied without us instead of talking about us.

Now I would get a million other opinions from you «Eves» but I like it the most when Alka Vujica says to her «Eves»: «Don't kid yourselves, women have never stopped loving emotional and gentle men.» I would add to her statement: «The older, the more» or Alka again: «There is so such thing as a happy woman, there are only satisfied men that women made happy.»

Dear Alka, there are also happy women that have destroyed men. That's why they keep away from them more and more.

What would you say about this: «Behind every successful man is a strong woman». You like bragging with that statement but still you are being told here that you are behind us. You should learn from mistakes that you shouldn't fight nature and stand in front of us, because it was a disaster every time. This is what happened in my marriage and in many other of my relationships. I saw that I had no future with my wife. After a lot of forgiving, in various situations, where her reaction and way of thinking was not understandable, I took my corvette and went on living my life.

But then why did you make men happy?

I said this before, that happiness is in your hands. In my case I am surprised why some didn't know how to get this jackpot, or at least use it for a long, long time (I'm not the only jackpot, there are a lot of others).

Or, like Alka Vuica says, there are women that marry primitive men because they should know that those don't change and that they are looking for a obedient slave and not a loving wife. I feel sorry for them as well, but not all «Adams» can be «Supermen». Not many of them were «Romeos» or «Tarzans». I would like to sit next to some women, in a TV show and discuss a lot more of these things such as my imaginary battle (several „Eves“ on

one „Adam“ such as in the show I mentioned an where I would like to be) Five „Eves against one „Adam“. There are things, such as Guinon says: «Women have the ability to gradually accept all of your arguments in a discussion and then suddenly refuse to accept the conclusion. » or that they something about this Albanian national saying: «The one that says that he is holding to an eagle's tail or a women's word is holding nothing!»

But there are also studies by the respected lady Snježana Beroš from Glorija. She published a study on the sexual life of Croatian men and women. What she says is really good: «Women remember their first partner as not tactical and clumsy and their first sex as disappointing. Many women have lost their innocence after the age of 25 and men have rarely made it to 20 without getting to know the women's body. During sex men usually don't fantasize, while women fantasize other man and strange places, famous actors, women, orgies, voyeur, and perversions.» And I would add raping.

I gave my suggestion in the text, that they get more involved with you and not to let you fantasize by whispering in your ear and changing positions so you won't get bored with the act of making love.

The third thing that Snježana said was «The fear that Croatian women have of deceit and lies is far stronger the fear of impotence from the partner or her own frigidness. Every other women fears that here partner is cheating on her. Every fourth is afraid of sexual aggression, and every third of unwanted pregnancies and sexual diseases. Fear of marriage is traditionally reserved for men but women are also scared of the marital ball and chain»

That is why I gave you my advice in my email, but I can also show it to you from a questionnaire from Mila where it says: «Everybody is scared to satisfy their partner»- says the American sexologist William Fitzgerald.

I will repeat my short thesis of development to get over the fear. An experienced «Adam» teaches young and inexperienced «Eves». After this, since most couples in the world are not eternal, the go on. An experienced «Eve» teaches an inexperienced „Eve“. I hope that you and others will see this sooner or later. So I don't have to repeat myself.

Then in Mila, under advice, a young «Eve», M. 20 years old, so young, noticed what I am telling you and said: «If you don't say what you want, you probably won't enjoy yourself! »


Or from a young «Eve», A. 26 years old «I lose my head over men that win me over that I have to give in!»

Now listen to what a 32 year «Eve» M. says: «I am won over by the gentleness and kindness of a person!»

I already stated this, I would accept what 29 year old V. says: «I like being a little passive, then active. I love changing roles!»

This is what I wanted most of all from my «Eves». So it isn't boring, but I got a little (and only in the beginning).

If there was a study to see how many men would want this, I think it would be all «Adams.»

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