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Different educative examples.You can get involved if you want to.

Unbeliveable examples

Hero dog saves another dog

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Sensational examples

Here is one extraordinary example of how you can help someone

Man lifted a car smashed in traffic accident to free the driver of the other car


Dog saves kid

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Bad examples
Bad examplesMany years ago goverments from around the world allowed tobacco production, cigaretes, pipes, cigarillos, cigars and all that. Some people started smoking, but no one told them that they will get adiccted to that, who didnt inhale that smoke became adiccted physicly (because he had something between his fingers, a toy, something to help time go faster). Those who inhaled the smoke became addicted physicly and mentaly. Today goverments are making it illegal to smoke for now just in some rooms (one day, they will because of decesas ban smoking at all).
After they earned tons of money trough taxes on tobacco. Today they would discriminate the people who smoke and torture them with restrictions. After protests and some reactions from the smoking public they allowed smoking in smoking areas, all that with banning smoking is one very bad example.
There are more and more news that report that youth, several people beat one to death or in general do bad things trough violence, out of boardom or any other reason. That is a very bad example for all youth and kids in this world in the future.
Bad examplesThere are more and more reports in the news about the police like:
29.1.2009 - policeman stole in many occasions from the citizens in the waiting room,
Next 10.1.2009 - drunk policeman under the influence of 2,39 promiles of alcohol beat up and wanted to kill a 31 year old prostitute ( it doesnt matter what she was and what was he on that should not have happend)
Next 9.1.2009. - 45 year old policeman drunk ran over a 16 year old girl with 2,18 promiles in his blood, and the two arresting officers didnt disarm him so he judged him self.
Next 10.1.2009 - Two policeman who didnt disarm him, were found guilty (one wounded up in a mental institution - and when he comes out, maybe he will start raping kids under the excuse that he is under pills and incopetant to think. That is why jail is bette, this way he was privileged)
Next policeman in the official veichle sold drugs to kids infront of the school. At this time still not investigated trough, that special police officers were involved in kidnapping the australian girl Brtiney and other cases.
If it will continue that way, citizens will not be able to count on the police, but will be scared more of them than the tiefs. This is a very bad example for Croatia.

Bad examplesEvery year last saturday in august in Spain, it has been a tradition to do a festival La Tomatina, in witch on that day millions of kilos
of fresh and healthy food tomato goes to waste.
Instead there could be milions of kids rescued from certain death in the world. We are putting this as a catastrophically bad example.
Father of two young kids jumps on subway tracks to save a man
Guy jumpes on tracks to save a kid
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Recommended examples

Football player Kaka should stars a campaign against violence that is surronding football. In football it went far enough that the players are fighting amongst each other, they should be outstanding examples for their supporters. For example there is the world cup in handball attending in Croatia and nobody is fighting there, just supporting their teams and doing their best to win. (campaing in any way, it can be a song even ect.)

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Good examples

To the countries that have had natural or people caused katastrofies. For helping the kids, Croatia should by the desicion of the gouverment give millions of liters of fresh water, because it anyway flows to the sea. By that Croatia would help unfortunate ones to keep their hygene and survive.
No body has use of a presidents signature in the moarning book.

Good examples

(Daily unlimited amounts of fresh drinkable water is flowing to the sea)

In Croatia on 13th of February 2009 there was a news published that in Osijek there was an action against pedophilia. We see this as a very good example.


Good examples

There was in the news on 3th of ferbruary 2009 that a man from Split lost 70 kilograms of his bodyweight in half year. Now he is working on getting his body to look like Tarzan. Congratulations to the man, who has that strong will and that kind of determination for something like that. For medical or whatever reason. This is a good example.

Good example of cheering for your team is cheering on the handball championship in Croatia.

Here are some pics of the youngest supporters.

Good examples

More beautiful side of handball

Good examples

Chinese boy saved two lives after earthquake in school

Good examples

Man saves three from drowning

Good examples

Brad Pitt saves a fan when he fell into the lake

Good examples


Greenpeace saved the jaguars from bulldozers

Good examples

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