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If you read this you will be much more mature in love.



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In a world of different currencies and various kinds of more or less valuable bills, there is a special way to recognize fake money bills that can not be recognized by looking at the water stamp or with any security protection and can not be recognized even with ultraviolet light because they are made on original paper, they can only be recognized with chemical analyses.

How can you without any complicated and special appliances most simply recognize, in 99% of cases, the original from a fake?

You only need a solid surface, a list of paper, you can also use newspaper.

Then take a bill and fold it where there is color on the bill and with your finger nail press it hardly 3-4 times on the paper that is on the solid surface.

If the bill left a trace on the paper, then it is ORIGINAL.

If there is no trace then it is FAKE.

Till now I have only told this to some individuals, now I would like to tell people all over the world because of the progress of technology there are more and more fake bills on the market, and in case you receive a fake bill it is not only a financial loss, but it is also a crime to use it.

After you try it with any bill you will see the result but I repeat the pressing of the nail on the paper must be strong enough.

In any society where people do not know this you can prove that you know more, and that is an important thing to know in life.

I can not give you any advice for fake credit cards, you can only keep an eye on it.

Best regards, adviser

Star adviceIt is recommended for Croats not to be angry at Slovenians, because they dont know what are they doing, and this can only help the Croats. Slovenian and the Croatian public show that they dont have any hate one toward another. Slovenians enjoy coming to the Adriatic in the summer and Croats like to go skiing in Slovenia in the winter, the politicians are the ones who are the fire starters. Politicians are mostly behaveing like kindergarden kids, witch is very obvious in the statement of one politician: " I would rahter give my blood to them than the land." Should the two peoples now hate each other and go to war for few stubborn individuals and a few lousy meters square of land (Wasnt there enough war, pain and tears)? It would be better for them to stick with the saying: "Smarter one will give in" Then lets see who will give in to show the world that he is smarter. Mostly there are political games for their own gain, witch the public can not see, because they allready make laws and everything else in their interest and not the one of the public. In Croatia that is obvious since 1991. Even today 2008-2009 it is noticable. Croatia should not go to NATO or EU cause it has a lot of natural beauty. Politicians and who ever runs the show look only to protect their own interest and not the public interest. NATO is unnecessary cause we dont need noone to watch out for us. We allready look out for our selves and saved our selves from the aggressor with only forkes and knives, with no guns. Going to NATO costs a lot of money. The county is already in deat to the troath. Let the youth think about that because they will pay back the deat in the future, and old people have no interest cause they will soon be in the grave. We dont need to join EU beacuse if the public changes a little with our natural wealth we are more powerfull that Swiss and the whole EU. If you think otherwise you and your kids can became slave to the eternity.


Star adviceAdvice: Till today year 2009 we have 10000 satellites around us in space. News was published 12th of february 2009 that there was a collision of two satellites, it doesnt matter witch two but it was the american and the russian satelite. Because of that crash lots of schreads were dispersed around the space.
I wanted to put this advice here on 12th of february 2009 because i anticipated that this schreads would fall onto earth, that this schreads as consequences will endanger other expensive satellites, but i didnt want to scare people writing that lots of schreads will come down to earth and endanger human lives. Part of those schreads can do a lot of material damange. Drastic example would be that one of those schreads would come down on a school full of kids, and kills 150 kids. Is it necesarry for that to happend, for my idea to be taken seriously. If in the next tousand years schread falls there will be consequences. Fast enough it started happening. It is recommended for all world institutions and companies that have satellites in the orbit, especially those telecomunication, that for nine years earned bilions of dollars on the public, invest mutual funds for building a space ship or as a big trash desposal. It doesnt have to be aerodynamic or fast, but it has to have a function to collect inside it self space junk like there schreads of these two satellites that have collied, or all unfunctional satellites on account of companies that own those satellites. And after collecting do depo it all on some planet like a junkyard. Witch planet would it be that would be someone elses problem (we can arange that with aliens)


Star adviceIt is recommended for many countries that banned smoking in public places, and on smokers from the begining made a fortune, now to pay people curing of addiction:

0-10 years: Nicotin patches, gum and other aids
10-25 years: hypnosis, acupunkture, psyciatrics
25-... years: group therapie to hospitalisation (all necesarry and possible ways, till today and in the future)

There is another way to eazealy kick the tobacco habbit, to cancel all tobacco production in one day including all tobacco merchendise. People who want to choose for them selves kicking the habbit, can choose to say; in my class of curing the funds would cost 1000€. Pay that amount to my bank account instead of paying my treatment.
Example: if i would get an arangement to the Carribien at the end of the year, full pansion, and flight for two weeks. I would stop smoking myself with just my power of mind spirit and body.
Some of you think now, that it is imposible for all the countries in the world to cancel tobacco production, and that it would cause for all people to stop smoking and stop killing them selves by that. For that reason, because many people would get an idea, to get financially rich and illegaly produce tobacco, just like it is now with marijuana, hashish and the rest of those, that is one other thing that can be dicussed for a long long time. Witch doesnt belong to this Advice section. ( And for that problem there is a solution called Patent of Patents or prison). Who is interested to descuss this, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . In my opinion, what ever is made, the decision should stay on the individual to smoke or not smoke, to drink alcohol or not to drink alcohol, to take medical drugs or not, to take drugs or not, and so on. Because every one of us is alone responsible for its health and life.
Non smokers would than rise, what is with us? So the smokers would answer: " Its your own fault, why didnt you stars smoking" There is a solution for all this. But what is, is.


Star adviceIt is recommended to do a song for Eurovision, themed against evil and violence with youth and kids. So that in the future that would not happend what was till now. There is a probabillity to encouge youth to think trough that song.Because youth listens to music a lot. I belive that this song would be one of better placed.





Star adviceIt is recommended because of numerous reports in the news about more and more policeman doing terrable mistakes, to do some maximum mesaures against these people. For example: Momentary suspension from his work point, momentary bringing to jail, high jail sentences even for minor things and not to have a possibility to ever have a pension.So they would think of the consequences before they do the bad deed, afte all it also a harsh example for the future( you are a policeman, not a grannies pearce snacher) For sure it would trigger a way of thinking of these organs, who are they, what do they do and what is their role. To insure better cooperation between the police and the society, and to be afraid and pushed away or it will not end just turn for worse. Example of these organs should be like the german saying: POLIZEI DEIN FREUND UND HELFER.


Star adviceAdvice: It is recommended not to throw food while celebrating Saint Vlaho in Dubrovnik because there are many hungry kids in Croatia let alone in the world. It is advised to gather as much food as would be thrown around and destroyed to donate it to children homes in Croatia or trough any of humanitarian organisations in the world to the hugry kids in the world. Instead throw around something that we in Croatia have plenty, and it is just flowing into the sea.


Throw around water baloons, it will be opsereved more in the world media and there is nothing to clean after the throwing cause the water it self cleans the place where is the festival.


Star adviceIt is recommended that in the last week in august on the tomato festival in Spain not to throw a worthy and healthy food tomatos because with those milions of kilos of destroyed tomatos can be saved a lot of kids in the world from starvation. It is recommended to those who are a part of it, before do bombs smaller or bigger from condoms with their blood.


If someone thinks that it is a joke, then invent something else with what will you still throw around but not with worthy food because that is a sin.



Star adviceIt is recommended to see the report of one man that claim to loose 73 kilograms in only half a year, beacause of numerouse reports in the news about uncontroled bodyweight of kids and adults in the world. Diet is one of more important thing in our lives, so parents should while rasing their kids work more on that. So that those kids would not blame their parent for their weight and the health of their bodies when they are older.


There are so many examples where are kids allready with help of their parents and strong will managed to normalise their body weight, and they where happier with that in their whole lifestyle and esspecially they were pleased for them selves. There are numerous books witch describe healthy loosing weight. That man says and claims that he knows the secrets to slim fast and successfully. If someone is interested contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and if there is enough interest we will contact him for help and cooperation, to find out more about his secrets of loosing weight. Buon appetite for now.


Star adviceAdvice: Goverments dont sell tickets on work days because it makes mile long lines, sell the tickets online or on sundays. Consequences are that people dont go to work, and they could get fired, bosses can decide that he wont give the sallary to the worker. It was reported on the news that some people didnt get payed for five months. Next step is fear to get your pension, people who dont work cant get their pensions.There was a news published on 12th of February 2009: "People fear that they wont get their pensions" (There are other reasons not just the long line for tickets)

News published on 12th of February 2009: "Workers of Industrogradnja didnt get their monthly sallary for five months."(Not just in that company but many more companies, it isnt just the issue of long ticket lines, but other reasons will yet be said)
News 13th of February 2009: "Unemployment and fireing more than ever in Croatia", said before witch pulls the pension problem in the future.


Star advice(Daily unlimited amounts of fresh drinkable water is flowing to the sea)
It is recommended for the Croatian goverement finally to be smart, and to the countries that have been struck by natural disasters, Croatia should for all the people that are endangeroud give millions of liters of fresh water, because it anyway flows to the sea.


By that Croatia would help unfortunate ones to keep their hygene and survive.

No body has use of a presidents signature in the moarning book. if Croatia last year 2008. when tsunami was happenned in china and 200000mil of people was in front of death send 20000000l of water( they would pay the transport) sent them for help, maybe than when you sinking, they would help you. for example each of them give a dolar, you croatian people will be dive on from shit

Star adviceAdvice: Game show moment of true it should be canceled, because it is one of the lowest, most embarrising fun shows in world. It produces hate and lots of conflicts. The next thing is that it is the biggest fraud, because anyone who gets in that show and wishes to get as much money as possible, in the bigger question ""THE POLYGRAPH"" sayes it is not true, and people loose everything they emabarised them selves for till then. One example is miss Romana on this question: "Do you blame your mother for all the bad things that happend in your life". Miss Romana should have lied on this question to hummiliate her mother because that is what people wanted to hear, she answered "NO" what was the truth, she sould have answered "YES" and with that lie she would win the money. But at the same time she would embarisse her mother who was in the show.

if you get embarrised, get embarrised to the bitter end and get the cash even with a lie if nesesarry. Polygraph doesnt have a role here, it is just a cover for the fraud in the show.
Why doesnt the Church ban this show, where are they now??


- Advice: Belive in everything.
- Advice: Don't harm anyone in anyway.
- Advice: Help at least once a day.
- Advice: Time is money


- Advice: Be carefull what you are doing in your life. (A lot of people are punished for something that they done in their lives, by something horrible happening to the people they love the most. For example; uncureable diseases, accidents where the participants become crypled, kiddnapinng, also there are cases of newly born babies to die and accidents that end with death consiquences. By that punishment the people who are punished for their mistakes suffer. If you look at the accidents that happend, people who participated are usually very good people and everyone wonders what that pearson did wrong, most of them are kids. That is why there is an idea in Star Idea that kids should help other kids.
Recognizeing your mistakes in life should make you want to reedem for them by doing good deeds. In most cases people tried praying, and it didn`t help. More helpful is to forgive and in your future life do as much good as you can. Especially positive thinking. If you help, then you and your dearest are safe.See some examples of this advice
watch the movie John Q


Star advice






Kids that have cancer  



Star advice


Little girl killed by stepfather

Star advice


Newly born died in the hospital



- Todays biggest mankind problem: we dont have enough time. We have to learn to judge what is a priority and give more time to that priority. Also that there is more solutions and decisions but only one is true and correct.

- Advice: If you have a goal try that there are as many ways as possible to your goal.

-Advice: If a car ever comes on you like this and it is out of control, then just jump as high as you can so you will roll over him and he will not hurt you as much. If you would not jump we dont even want to tell you what would happen.

Dim lights


a) Watch one or more movies that will move you. (for example; happy endings)

b) Think of or imagine something that will give you a beautiful gutt feeling

c) Laugh as much as you can - for example tickle each other, tell jokes to each other, watch humorous shows or movies or just have fun in some way

d) Have fun in company of your friends like this for example, or like this

e) Experience different sexual moments, especially orgasms

f) Hug anyone you like and tell him/her something nice

To make this more clear to you, imagine a life contrary to the things written above, and if you want to do that contrary you can see for how long and how will you live.

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