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Galaxy stars project


Galaxy Stars Project is the project of all projects because it is a complex project consisting of many individual projects and it is thought off as a club. That project includes science topics, self-help topics, useful topics and all other topics that could be interesting in the world of fun and entertainment. This project is useful because it teaches young people and children how to handle life in all directions.

The whole Galaxy Stars Project contains many useful and helpful games, ideas and skills based on experience that help young people develop character, mind and body, and to live an easier life. Scientists proved that nobody can make or force children to learn: rules, regulations, laws and other things important in life. That is the reason why Galaxy Stars project was started in the year 2001 by a man with more than 50 years of life experience, so we can motivate children to learn and accept important things in life through games and fun.
Goal is to have a better, brighter, more successful, healthier, happier and more entertaining future, and that can be achieved through our children.

The projects are:

E.g. in project “Drifts” – the goal is to learn how to better control different vehicles
used in traffic (in the hardest discipline we teach you).
This game activates hidden abilities of the drivers’ body and mind he can use later in life and in all situations in life (especially in traffic).

E.g. in project “Bike ball” - This game activates hidden abilities of the drivers’ body and mind he can use later in life and in all situations in life (especially in traffic).
Presentiment is one of the important factors in this game. That means the player must anticipate and know what is happening in places he can’t see. Important things like dexterity, acrobatics, balance, scrupulosity, presence, attention and concentration can be learned in this game.

Many children and adults get hurt in traffic because of lack of skills and knowledge.

Two projects listed above are connected and teach about safety in traffic.

E.g. in project “The greatest hit” – the goal is to create a unique song that never stops and is constantly upgraded with new ideas. This project enables countless ideas to be used and helps young people to develop sense for music and rhythm and learn how to experience music differently.

Along these projects we also have 33 stars which can be found on our web page Some of them can be opened as a link and will provide examples and interesting things for both children and adults.

  1. Star LOVE – star dedicated to universal love and to all other kinds.
  2. Star GAMES – most interesting games that are divided into different groups.
  3. Star HELP – examples on helping people, animals, planet Earth and those that desperately need it.
  4. Star SAFETY – the main mission of Galaxy Stars. Two slogans:  -GSP will save and eternally watch over your children. – Your safety is our duty.
  5. Star MUSIC – composing music, listening to music and enjoying music.
  6. Star EVOLUTION – star dedicated to science, exploration, etc.
  7. Star WONDER – all unseen miracles and abilities of people.
  8. Star EROTICA - showing off the beauty of human body and other things.
  9. Star HUMOR – Star that keeps us healthy, young and smiling.
  10. Star PATENT – dedicated to your and our patents.
  11. Star ANIMAL – Star devoted to saving endangered animals and trying to understand our coexistence with them.
  12. Star BUSINESS – includes different jobs Galaxy stars works on.
  13. Star WISDOM – devoted to wise sayings.
  14. Star EXPERIMENTS – proving the facts through experiments.
  15. Star RECORDS – records of all kinds.
  16. Star UNBELIEVABLE – star dedicated to help us believe more and to help us in any way it can.
  17. Star SKILL –examples of your skills which we’ll publish.
  18. Star ADVICE – star dedicated to our and your advices.
  19. Star QUESTIONS – star dedicated to questions and answers.
  20. Star STORIES - star dedicated to stories and fairytales.
  21. Star EXAMPLE – different educative examples.
  22. Star HEAVEN – star dedicated to our Earth and nature we live in.
  23. Star EDUCATION – new kind of learning.
  24. Star FANTASY – star dedicated to illusions, unreal things and imagination.
  25. Star CLUB – our connections with other clubs from all around the world.
  26. Star TOM – the strongest man in several disciplines.
  27. Star FASHION – star dedicated to all things that are considered fashion (not just clothes).
  28. Star MEDIA – reports on GSP from different media; our own media.
  29. Star VIDEO – shows different kinds of short videos.
  30. Star PEOPLE - star dedicated to people as they are and as they should be.
  31. Star MOST INTERESTING – star dedicated to most interesting things in the world.
  32. Star FRIENDSHIP – star dedicated to all kinds of socializing.
  33. Star UNIVERSE – knowledge base about universe and everything connected to that subject.

All stars need to be updated with new information.


Author, creator and leader: Mario Benković




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